How To Include Fresh Plants On Your Wedding Day

A wonderful way to freshen up your wedding decor and add a modern twist is by replacing cut floral arrangements with potted plants, winding vines and fresh succulents. Adding potted and growing plants to your big day means you’ll get to keep these beauties for planting in your new home long after the ceremony is over. You’ll also reduce wedding expenses, and give your big day a unique vibe that’s all you. The designers at Marco Island Weddings have some great ideas about how to incorporate gorgeous plant varieties throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. 

Potted Plants or Trees Along Aisles Think of topiaries, bonsai or small olive trees lining your wedding aisle for a fresh substitute to traditional blooms and ribbons. Or, place clusters of clay pots at the end of each aisle filled with succulents or fresh herbs.

Vines On A Trellis or Frame Draping trailing vines or giving them a trellis to crawl in a primary spot will not only give your wedding a magical garden feel, but it will also create the perfect photo spot for the bridal party and guests alike.

Succulents As Favors Create gorgeous living take-always when you offer small pots of succulents for guests. Since they’re easy to care for, even guests without a green thumb can enjoy a fresh reminder of your beautiful day. 

Herbs/Cacti As Centerpieces Liven up your reception and let your centerpieces steal the show when you include clusters of cacti in varying heights, sizes and shapes. Alternatively, let guests revel in the fragrant scents of fresh potted herbs at each reception table. 

Hanging Plants Plants draped from above are a beautiful way to feel surrounded by nature on your wedding day. Give a multi-dimensional flair to your special day while creating more space and depth. 

Choosing to include plants in your wedding ceremony and reception is an easy decision. Plants keep costs low, bring a fresh vibe to your nuptials and make a wonderful take-away- for you and guests! Talk to the experts at Marco Island Weddings for even more great ideas about indulging in plants on your wedding day.