How and Where to Include Beautiful Flowers in Your Wedding

The flowers you include in your wedding will say a lot about you and your partner’s personality and style, as well as the hope you have for your future together. For centuries, flowers have been used to communicate important symbols such as love, fidelity, hope, joy, and wisdom. Weddings are a great time to surround yourself with such positive messages, but where and when should flowers be displayed at your wedding?

The floral experts at Marco Island Weddings know that wedding flowers can be a lot to consider, so we’ve created a list of every area in which you might want to include flowers at your wedding. Once you know which parts of your wedding will include flowers, your florist can help you with size, shape, and design.

Personal Flowers

Pink and White Bridal Bouquet

Pink and White Bridal Bouquet

These are the flowers you, your wedding party and those closest to you will either wear or carry during the wedding. 

  • Bridal Bouquet: Go big and bold with this beauty. It should stand out from the rest, accenting your wedding colors and style beautifully. 
  • Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: These can be smaller versions of your bridal bouquet or different, yet complementary. 
  • Groom’s Boutonniere: Slightly matching but also distinct, your groom’s boutonniere can look like it was plucked from your bouquet. 
  • Groomsmen Boutonnieres: These can be smaller versions of the groom’s boutonniere for continuity.
Boutonnieres for Men

Boutonnieres for Men

  • Mothers/Grandmothers Corsages: Some brides choose a corsage for the maternal figures in their families as a way to honor them on such a special occasion. 
  • Boutonnieres for Fathers/Grandfathers/Officiant: Boutonnieres are a great way to also honor the paternal figures, including the officiant of your ceremony.
  • Corsages/Boutonnieres for other special guests: If you have special guests, like cousins, for example, who won’t be in the actual wedding party, it’s not uncommon to recognize them with a corsage or boutonniere, as well.
  • Flowers for hair: You may consider including live blooms in your hairstyle, or in those of your bridesmaids.  
Floral Hair Accent for Bride

Floral Hair Accent for Bride

  • Floral crown for flower girl: Flower girls can look extra-floral with a wreath of flowers that match your wedding in their hair. It also makes a great keepsake!
  • Petals to throw/scatter: Think about whether your flower girl will throw rose petals or something more similar to your wedding flowers.

Ceremony Flowers

This category includes the flowers you’ll use to adorn your wedding ceremony venue. The type of venue will have a lot to do with what kind and how many flowers you display. For example, a house of worship may need more floral decor than a beach or botanical garden. Here are some areas for adding flowers:

  • Altar/Chuppah: Decorate this focal point of the ceremony beautifully with your wedding colors. 
  • Arch: Cover an archway with tulle, vines, ivy, or flowers and greenery for a lovely display and gorgeous photos. 
  • Unity Candle Table: This is a beautiful spot to add flowers or foliage for a fresh look with candlelight. 
Wedding flowers on arch

Ceremony Flowers

  • Aisle flowers: Decorate the aisle with beautiful flowers at the ends of pews or chairs to pull the scene together.
  • Aisle Runner: If you’ll walk on a runner, your florist can most likely provide this as well as the petals your flower girl will throw. 

Reception Flowers

Your reception is a great place to showcase your flowers and sense of style. To save costs, think about ways to recycle your flowers by moving bouquets and arrangements from the ceremony to the reception. 

  • Guest Book Table: Display arrangements of your wedding flowers as guests enter the reception area.
  • Centerpieces for each table: Consider the height, size and shape of your table centerpieces as well as the types of flowers in your centerpieces to allow your guests to see each other as they eat and socialize. 
  • Cake Accents or Cake Table: You may want flowers on your cake or scattered around the cake table. 
  • Buffet Table: When there’s a buffet, small arrangements of your wedding flowers will add to the ambiance in the entire room.
Dog with Flower Collar

Dog with Flower Collar

  • Bar: Include a bouquet of wedding flowers at the bar to help tie the room together. 
  • Throwaway Bouquet for tossing: If you plan to toss your bouquet to the single ladies, you may choose to have a smaller throw-away bouquet so you can preserve your real one. 
  • Restrooms: Don’t forget to include beautiful blooms in the restrooms as a warm touch.
  • Getaway Car: Along with ribbons, shoes and some shoe polish, beautiful flowers will help you and your partner get away in style. 

Be sure to keep an open mind about which types of flowers you’ll choose- in-season flowers, varieties in shades that go with your wedding palette, and lots of fresh greenery and accents are great ways to reduce cost and allow you to stay within your wedding budget. Bring pictures of your wedding venue, reception area, dress and flowers you love when you meet with your florist so she has an idea of what you’re picturing. Here are the places you might plan to see flowers in your wedding- choose your favorites to discuss with your florist. 

With so many options available for wedding flowers and spots to display them, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we recommend talking to one of floral specialists at Marco Island Weddings before you wade into the choices too deeply. Let us walk you through the available options with your budget, your tastes and your colors in mind. We want to help you create the most beautiful display that exemplifies who you are as a couple as you join together on your wedding day.