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Top 20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

Florists play a huge role in bringing your wedding vision to life with beautiful floral arrangements. From stunning centerpieces and altar flowers to boutonnieres and bouquets, florists can transform your venue into a colorful, sensual, and romantic floral scape that will take your breath away. Before you begin picking out your favorite blooms, though, you […]

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Family Members & Others Who Traditionally Receive Wedding Flowers

A wonderful way to visually acknowledge people at your wedding who are important to you is to give them personal flowers. A corsage, small bouquet, or boutonniere is a nice touch and sets them apart from the other guests. Plus, it’s a heartwarming gesture that makes those who are not in the wedding party feel […]

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Six Ideas for Including Furry Friends in Your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches and you finalize your guest list, don’t overlook one important furry pal. Fur babies have been increasingly more popular to see at weddings, and yours can be no different. Your friends here at Marco Island Weddings have the best six ways to ensure your four-legged friend is properly included in […]

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Wearable Wedding Flowers – Boutonnieres, Corsages, and More!

No matter your style, wedding design, and location, at Marco Island Florist serving Marco Island and nearby areas, our expert florists can help you choose the best flowers for your wedding! Flowers are a big part of your wedding day. While centerpieces, garlands, and other accents will help complete the ambiance at your celebration, wedding flowers to wear […]

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Wedding Blooms With Gorgeous Fragrance

When you choose your flowers for your wedding day, color and design is an obvious choice. A less obvious option is beautifully fragrant flowers. The floral artisans at Marco Island Weddings can help you choose the most beautiful flowers that also come with gorgeous fragrance. Here are some of the top most fragrant flowers that […]

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Modern Corsages & Bouts: Pin It

Though your wedding may include many trendy new looks and styles, one particular time-honored tradition worth keeping in place is the act of presenting corsages and boutonnieres to the special guests at your wedding. These wearable flowers connect the individual to the bride and groom in a significant way, allowing other guests to recognize their […]

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Spring Floral Prints

As spring is approaching we begin to prepare for multiple weddings. This is a perfect season for reciting nuptials, as spring often represents new beginnings and a fresh start. What you wear to this year’s wedding will be a statement about your personal brand. The design experts at Marco Island Florist are eager to showcase […]

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Winter’s Gorgeous Natural Accents In Your Bouquet

Are you still swooning over last week’s blog on winter bouquets? Us too. So much so in fact that we’ve put together 6 more recs for how to build the seasonal bridal bouquet of your dreams (and ours). Instead of focusing on flowers this time around, we’re turning our attention to all of those other […]

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What’s Trending in Boutonnieres

Step aside, ladies. Grooms everywhere are taking a moment in the spotlight, with distinctive boutonnieres blooming from their lapels and garnering all of the attention. Don’t believe us? Read on to see what’s trending in bouts. Make A Statement Bouts A single, powerful bloom can say more than the most artfully-arranged design. Statement flowers like […]

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