Flowers For Your Fall Wedding

The floral forecast for fall is looking gorgeous. To prove it, we’ve got the season’s best flowers all picked out below, ready for their close-ups in your hands. If you’re attending a wedding this autumn, expect to see forest-inspired wreaths, moss accents, hoops, hanging installations and more. Enchantment awaits, friends.

Orange Roses

Winter can have its red roses, spring its pink, but in the fall, it’s all about orange. A cluster of garden roses in varying shades of this bold hue looks both fresh and suggestive. We think of a blazing sunset, the final harvest and Van Morrison’s “Moondance” when we see a vibrant clutch of flowers like this.

Black Calla Lily

The black calla, with its glossy plum interior you could practically fall down, is perfect all on its own. A gorgeous contrast to a white gown, this adds an elegant and yet gothic appeal to any bridal look. It’s modern, seasonal and full of simplicity.

Ranunculus & Dahlia

Dahlias are set to be big this year, and ranunculus—the peony of the fall—is right there with them. Both available in a variety of jewel-toned shades, bringing the two together in a bouquet is a study in texture. A ranunculus unfurls its circle upon circle of petals, while the dahlia’s perfect pointillist ones invite you to look closer.

Chocolate Cosmos

A cosmo is a simple garden flower, but when it comes in chocolate, it suddenly takes on depth and purpose. Fleck a fall bouquet or centerpiece with these beauties and you’ll be solidly within that harvest palette without being overwhelmed by it.


Anemone’s look like they were made for editorials, with their flat, elephant-ear petals and intricate black centers. Just a few of these striking flowers can take a bouquet from garden-variety to showstopping piece.