2019’s Earthy, Neutral Tones

Don’t get us wrong, we love a lot of color here at Marco Island Florist, but we’re thrilled to see that an earthy, neutral palette is on trend for fall. This scheme’s subtle elegance feels modern and fresh, giving us plenty of room to mix textures and make appealing shapes.

Neutral & Dimensional

Staying in the neutral or earth-tones range doesn’t mean bland bouquets and forgettable floral decor. Quite the opposite, as this lush gathering of flowers, greens and leaves demonstrates. If they weren’t keeping to the natural palette (with just a tiny pop of color from those soft peach roses), this grouping might look a mess. But the rich range of textures and types totally works, letting the eye focus on aspects like bouquet shape and the unique floral accents presented. Full of depth, this bridal bouquet manages to have both wild appeal and polish. You can thank its neutral color story for that.

Soft, Organic-Feeling Tablescapes

We love a gorgeous wood tabletop bereft of linens. To compensate, the color palette here is soft and organic, a mix of neutrals that include creamy whites and greens. Rustic elegance is the name of the game with this inspired arrangement, which includes metallic containers of different heights, black candles and an arresting combination of pampas grass, black berries and the palest green hydrangea. A nude palette like this one lets you introduce unique florals and greens to the table in a luxurious way that doesn’t feel heavy-handed.

Buttery-Yellow Counterpoints

Yes, we include yellows in the neutral spectrum (even if we just call it gold!). This color is bound to be big this year, and it’s easy to understand why. Fresh, energetic and modern-feeling, buttery yellows and golds are like the transition hue from full-on neutral to complete and utter color. Yellow flowers, when paired with green and white ones, give just enough pop for a little contrast.

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