The Best Plants for Your Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding is an exciting endeavor. You can add elements during this season that wouldn’t work as well during warmer months. Seasonal plants from the local region in which you’ll hold your wedding are a great way to locally source eco-friendly decor without breaking your budget. Plus, winter plants will bring a gorgeous flair to your wedding, underscoring the winter aspect while making it beautiful for everyone.

The floral experts at Marco Island Weddings have some great tips for including plants in your winter wedding, no matter where you live. And don’t worry- we understand the classic look of cut wedding flowers. We’ve included some ideas for mixing and matching plants and flowers, as well!

Look for Seasonal and Local Plants 

If the plants you choose are from the local and surrounding areas, you’ll find the price much more affordable, and the plants far more available. Think about evergreen trees or branches in the northern regions, succulents and cacti in the southwest, or tropical blooming plants in temperate beach settings. The plants you choose can take on a style of your choosing, too. For instance, elegant topiaries will bring a sleek, modern look to your ceremony, while succulents can create a rustic, earthy vibe. Paradise isn’t paradise without tropical orchids and birds of paradise, so these work well in destination beach weddings. 

Tropical Bromeliads and Palms

Rent Your Plants

If you’re loving the idea of including your plants in your wedding ceremony and reception, there are a few things to consider. Buying enough plants to fill a wedding venue or reception hall could cost more than your budget allows. Also, buying plants means keeping them after the wedding. Unless you plan to send your plants home with guests afterwards or start your own garden (both of which we highly encourage!), think about renting plants from a local florist or nursery for your big day. This is also a great option if your nuptials will be part of a destination wedding. Local plants and foliage will only add to the local feel of a destination wedding, too!

Rental Installations

Include Plants with Flowers

Even in winter, there are so many plants that bloom beautifully. From bougainvillea and hibiscus to Christmas cactus and petunias, blooming plants will bring a colorful pop to your wedding day. Or, choose to blend your favorite cut flowers among the plants you arrange, dressing up the foliage and giving your flowers a lush, green backdrop.

Mokara Orchid

Invest in Matching Containers 

How you display your plants will say as much about your style as your wedding plants and flowers themselves. Choose containers that reflect the look of your wedding as well as the plants you’ll be showcasing. Cacti or succulents in terra cotta pots, large and small, will lend an earthy vibe to any boho style wedding, while manicured topiaries will look stately in marble or silver urns. Use baskets for hanging ivy or wooden crates, boxes or barrels for a rustic look with evergreens. 

Succulents in Clay Pots

Include gorgeous winter greens in your winter wedding for a lush, fresh look. Add flowers and creative containers to match your style and gorgeous seasonal plants for a trendy, eco-friendly look. To learn more about how to add plants to your winter wedding decor, talk to the designers at Marco Island Weddings. We’re here to help you create your dream wedding and will do everything we can to bring it to life.