10 Essentials for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding

If you’re planning to get married on or near Valentine’s Day, we know you want to make it memorable. There are tons of ways to include a Valentine’s Day theme in your wedding without going overboard or getting too cheesy. From classy accents to stylish clothing, the wedding designers at Marco Island Weddings have plenty of ideas and tips for making your Valentine’s Day wedding a success! Take a lot at 10 essentials to include in your perfect Valentine’s Day wedding. 

Plan Early! Since this is such a popular occasion for weddings and all things romantic, be sure to book your ceremony and reception venues well in advance! While you’re at it, it’s smart to start talking to florists, caterers, and photographers, as well as any other professional vendors, early so they can reserve your day. 

Color Scheme Of course, hues of red, pink, and white are to be expected, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the palette of elementary school bulletin boards. Think of deep burgundies, bright berry colors, blush pinks, and creamy off-whites when creating your special color palette. Red Wedding Cake

Let them eat cake! Valentine’s Day and all things romantic are often associated with desserts, so feel free to get creative with your dessert options at your Valentine’s Day wedding. Red velvet cake with white chocolate icing, raspberry filling, chocolate-covered strawberries and pink champagne with berries will all bring a fresh holiday feel to your day. 

Dancing… and all that jazz To honor the romance in the room at your reception, ask wedding guests to share their First Dance Song from their weddings and have your DJ play them throughout the evening. Give everyone a special moment on your big night and fill the place with love young and old.

Pink bridal bouquet

Photo: Gulfside Media

Fantastic Flowers There’s romance in the tradition of classic red roses on Valentine’s Day, but you can also bring the beauty of this occasion into your day with lilies, tulips, or other varieties of flowers. Choose white, cream, lavender or soft pink to offset the bright reds of the season. 

Shoes. What can we say? Shoes are YOUR fashion statement, so make it count. Red velvet heels? Soft satin ballet flats? Shiny silver booties? Choose shoes that will make you feel beautiful and comfortable. They don’t have to show under your dress, but they can also peek out for a surprising touch of style. Red Shoes

Dress Up Think outside the box with your wedding dress and the attire of your wedding party. Consider a black and white wedding, with top hats and tails for a classic romantic touch, or don a blush pink wedding gown (which are all the trend right now). Add touches of red or pink with ribbons, lace, hairpieces, or flowers. 

Decor They say the devil’s in the details, and that’s never truer than with wedding decorating. Add your own personality and style with the small details you include and make this day your own. Add a childlike vibe with paper chains and frilly Valentines as place cards, or give a modern vibe with sheer fabrics, clean lines, and metallic or mirrored accents.  Chairs with Pink Ribbon

Lighting The lighting you choose will set the mood for the entire ceremony and reception. Surround yourselves with soft candlelight throughout the ceremony for a dreamy romantic touch, or include pink spotlights and warm undertones on the dance floor for a festive reception. 

Extra Pizzazz A few special touches will clinch the unique look of your wedding. Classic entwined hearts on signage and throughout the reception hall, a plush sofa (bonus points if it’s red velvet!) for a photo corner, and candy conversation hearts as favors for guests will give your wedding a sweet twist to make Valentine’s Day take on significant meaning for you.

wedding alter with pink flowers

Photo: Gulfside Media

Create lasting memories on a day known for romance when you plan a Valentine’s Day wedding. Give your guests sweet surprises and unexpected treats with twists on a traditional theme that will keep them smiling long after the last rose petals have been thrown. For more great ways to design a special Valentine’s Day wedding, talk to the wedding experts at Marco Island Weddings. We’re here to help you select the details and designs that will make your big day as special as you are.