Tips for Taking Pictures of Flowers at a Wedding

When attending a wedding, one of the things we are most dazzled by are the gorgeous flowers and floral installations. Wanting to capture their beauty in pictures, we have tips and tricks for how to easily take photos of flowers so you end up with a great image.  The flower experts here at Marco Island – Weddings  & Events  have consulted with our favorite wedding photographers for tips on how you, too, can have gorgeous wedding photos taken with your smartphone.

Beautiful flower composition with autumn orange and red flowers and berries. Autumn bouquet in vintage vase on a wooden table with pink tissue and candles

Choosing a Flawless Background

To capture the beauty of a bouquet with minimal distraction, make sure the background is as clutter-free as possible. Elevating the bouquet in your viewer by squatting down and taking the photo from a low angle will not only make the bouquet look larger, but will get more of the sky in the background which makes for a wonderful, clear picture of just the blooms. You can also seek out spots to pose the florals such as under a floral arch or outside in a grassy field, near a pond, or by a solid-colored building, or brick wall. Floral centerpieces do best when placed in the center of a fully set table with flatware, napkins, and lighted candles. Just be sure to take their pictures early before purses get put on the tables and napkins are in disarray.

Wedding bouquet. Bride's flowers

How to Pose with Flower Bouquets

The moment when the bride or bridesmaids hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers in front of them while looking down and admiring their delicate beauty is a popular shot. Make sure the pose is natural, though, with the flowers held in a natural, loose manner. You can also zoom in close to the flowers capturing the beauty and magnificence of the blooms up close with only the color of the bride’s dress as the background.

Colorful wedding bouquet on a bed. Bridal bouquet, white bedding. Luxury hotel room. Valentine's day or mother's day present

Getting Just the Right Lighting

Indoor shots allow you to have more control of the lighting by opening (or partially closing) the shades or turning on the lights. To prevent harsh shadows, bright, slightly diffused light is best. For a dramatic shot, increasing the brightness level on the flowers will capture them in all their vibrancy and vividness. When taking pictures of flowers outdoors, avoid being in direct sunlight as it creates harsh shadows and overexposed colors. The best outdoor light for taking pictures is when the sky is slightly overcast or it’s sunrise or sunset, where the sunlight is softer allowing the richness of the flower colors to come through.

Wedding bouquet . The bride's bouquet. Bouquet of red and pink flowers, black berries and greenery, with a ribbon of color Marsala lies on a log by the lake

Using Professional Cameras VS. Smartphones 

Smartphones have come a long way in the area of photography over the last several years. Not too long ago, it was obvious to tell the difference between photos taken by a camera and those taken with a cell phone, but not so much anymore. While high-end special cameras and lenses are always best for taking professional photos, you can get pretty close with your smartphone camera if you use it properly. With the above tips, you’ll have no problem putting together an impressive collection of flower photos with your smartphone to be cherished forever.