Guide to Which Flowers to Use For Different Types of Fundraisers

Planning a fundraising event is a challenging, yet rewarding, undertaking, and the floral experts at Marco Island – Weddings & Special Events want to share with you our favorite tips for making fundraisers special and unique. Successful fundraisers tug at the heartstrings of attendees and get them excited and energized about helping the organization or charity being featured. A great way to pull this off is by enhancing and elevating the ambiance of the event by surrounding the guests with fresh, gorgeous, and meaningful flowers. This works by not only impressing the guests with the flowers’ beauty but also letting them know the event is significant and meaningful. Flowers can achieve so much more than other decor because they affect us in special ways and are imbued with deep symbolism along with unmatched beauty. Keep reading to discover how flowers can enhance your fundraiser for a variety of special causes.

Sunflowers and blue hydrangea make a gorgeous bouquet

Education & Schools

If you are organizing and designing a fundraiser for teaching materials, an entire school or university, or a specific education program, it is a smart idea to begin by incorporating the school’s colors into the decor. Floral arrangements might include color combinations, hues, and shapes that pay homage to the school’s mascot. Another path to explore is utilizing fresh blooms that represent things like intelligence, wisdom, growth, youth, and childhood. Brilliant and gorgeous flower options are sunflowers, daisies, lilacs, delphiniums, aster, purple iris, and pink roses.

Sunflowers: Intelligence, Inspiration, Optimism, & Growth
Delphinium & Lilac: Growth
Purple Iris & Aster: Wisdom & Intelligence
Daisy & Pink Rose: Childhood & Youthfulness

Tall bouquet of red flowers stands on a candy-bar

Sports, Clubs, & Activities

Holding regular fundraiser events for sports teams, clubs, and other activities is often necessary for facility upgrades, trips, new equipment, and uniforms. Similar to fundraising for schools and education, these organizations usually have specific colors to help distinguish one team or group from another. However, you can also include symbolic flowers in your event decor like hyacinths, amaryllis, and gladiolus.

Amaryllis: Pride, Success, & Achievement
Gladiolus: Integrity, Strength, & Victory
Hyacinths (Mainly Red): Recreation & Sports

Violet flowers wedding on white background

Cancer Research

Hosting a fundraiser to raise money for cancer research can seem limitless when you begin to think of flowers and decor. As you begin planning, start with daffodils, as this yellow flower is dedicated to representing the American Cancer Society. If you are fundraising for a specific type of cancer, for an individual fighting, or in honor of someone, then you might want to use a color palette that includes the hue linked with that type of cancer.

Daffodils: The American Cancer Society
All Cancer: Light Purple & Lavender
Breast Cancer: Pink
Childhood Cancer: Gold
Colon Cancer: Dark Blue
Leukemia: Orange
Sarcoma: Yellow
Thyroid Cancer: Blue, Pink, & Teal

Flowers of yellow and orange carnations with leaves and ferns on white background.

Nonprofit Organizations Supporting Health/Disease

Making sure you have done research around a particular disease or nonprofit health organization is vital to planning a fundraiser event that supports health or disease. For example, a Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser might utilize orange flowers or carnations, which signify hope, in centerpieces and floral arrangements. Butterflies may also make an appearance as they are a symbol of MS and provide a lovely accent to event decor.

Carnation: Hope
Orange: Represents MS
Butterfly: Symbol of MS

gerbera, tulips and mix of summer flowers bouquet for the wedding in the Florida. Orange roses, lily and gerbera flowers bouquet in the brown box getting ready for delivery

Support for Women & Children

From after-school programs and childcare to healthcare and shelters, there are numerous, wonderful charities and organizations that work to support the well-being of children and women. Fundraiser events for children and women might include bright-colored flowers to represent youth and kids, and purple and pink blooms to symbolize women, or white orchids that mean grace, innocence, and purity. A creative touch to event decor might be including elements that speak to the charity or organization. For instance, a stack of storybooks under floral centerpieces will help guests make the connection between the beautiful event and an after-school program for young kids.

Women: Purple
Kids: Fun & Bright Colors
White Orchids: Faith, Safety, Elegance, Innocence, & Beauty

Fundraiser events for nonprofit organizations and charities are unique opportunities to be creative through colorful, symbolic flowers and decor. Blooms with deeper meanings and artistic uses of sports equipment or themed items open the door to endless possibilities. For more advice on how to start designing a fundraiser event, the experts at Marco Island – Weddings & Special Events are always ready to bring your events to life.