Bold and Vibrant Colors Are in Store for 2023 Spring and Summer Weddings

September’s 2022 New York Fashion Week showed us what’s going to be trending next year, and we can’t wait! We loved the bold color palette and floral designs that walked the runways. For floral inspiration, we adored Carolina Herrara’s collection. Clothes shaped like actual flowers were truly amazing, as seen on Loewe and Dion Lee’s runways. Here, there were dresses shaped like anthurium blooms and monstera leaves that blew us away with their bold, tropical vibe. For glamor, Schiaparelli’s collection showcased luxe accents with bold flowers. And for a tip to future bridesmaids in rich velvet dresses, a bolder, less delicate flower will look fantastic.

Beautiful young woman in nice blue dress posing on colorful wall of flowers. Fashion photo, nice hair, big smile

The vibrant and uplifting colors of NYFW will be everywhere in spring and summer 2023 fashion. The top hues that dominated the runways were bright fuschia, tangerine orange, fluorescent green, vibrant yellow, and cobalt blue. Strong color combinations and bold hues were on display at many fashion designers’ shows, along with more neutral tones, such as Vanilla Cream and Gray Lilac, which also made a strong impression. Paired together, the neutral tones and bold hues projected individuality, strength, creativity, and fun.

Top 5 Color Trends from New York Fashion Week – September 2022: 

fuschia bouquet closeup

1. Pantone Beetroot Purple:An emboldened fuchsia hue depicting the fruits of nature.” (Pantone)

Fuchsia is cheerful, playful, and uplifting. The color gets its name from the fuchsia flower, which is a vibrant dark pink tinged with a bit of deep red. The color is lively, self-assured, confident, and bold – perfect colors for today’s strong and free-spirited brides.

Flowers that come in fushia: 

Aster • Calla Lily • Carnation • Coneflower • Cosmos • Dahlia • Hyacinth • Hydrangea • Larkspur • Pink Rose • Ranunculus • Stargazer Lily • Tulip • Zinnia

burnt orange calla lily wedding bouquet

2. Pantone Tangelo: “A tangy, tasty vitamin-enriched orange.” (Pantone)

The color orange is happy, enthusiastic, and upbeat. Orange also represents excitement, courage, boldness, and exuberance.

Popular flowers that come in bright orange:

Bird of Paradise • Coneflower • Cymbidium Orchid • Carnation • Chrysanthemum • Dahlia • Gerbera Daisy • Marigold • Orange Sunflower • Ranunculus • Rose • Tiger Lily • Tulip •  Zinnia

Luxury bouquet ,beautiful bouquet of bright yelloe flowers, plastics flower,on wooden table with nature green background.

3. Pantone Empire Yellow: “A luminescent yellow that radiates joyfulness.”  (Pantone)

Yellow uplifts and instills energy. Its bright, sunny color represents happiness, optimism, creativity, sunshine, and hope.

Popular yellow flowers: 

Billy Balls • Black Eyed Susan • Carnation • Daffoldil • Daisy • Lillies • Marigold • Primrose • Ranunculus • Rose • Sunflower • Tulip • Yarrow • Zinnia

Green chrysanthemum, green plant

4. Pantone Classic Green: “A nourishing green imbued with health-giving qualities.” (Pantone)

A lovely hue commonly found in nature, green represents spring, new growth, and harmony. The color green is also associated with vitality, wealth, balance, freshness, youth, and good health.

Popular flowers that grow in shades of green: 

Bells of Ireland • Carnation • Chrysanthemum • Cockscomb • Cymbidium Orchid • Dahlia • Gladiolus • Hellebores • Hydrangea • Rose • Spider Mums • Tulips • Zinnias

A wedding bouquet with Agapanthus (lily of the Nile), Nigella Damascena (love in a mist) and Hydrangea Macrophylla

5. Pantone Blue Perennial: “A stand-out blue that spikes the palette.” (Pantone)

Since blue is also the color of the sky and sea, blue popularly connotes peace, serenity, and tranquility. Blue flowers, being rare, also represent ambition, inspiration, desire, royalty, and drive.

Flowers that can be found in the color blue:

Anemone • Aster • Bellflower • Blue daisy • Blue Orchid • Cornflower • Delphinium • Globe Thistle • Hyacinth • Morning Glory • Iris • Sea Holly • Star Flower • Sweet Pea

Look to the above colors for inspiration in your upcoming wedding. For all your wedding flower needs, Marco Island Florist – Weddings & Events is here to make your wedding flowers dream come true.