How to Host the Perfect Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Wedding

Lots of couples today want their wedding to be kind to the environment. Some might be thinking about making the most eco-friendly choices, while others are hunting for sustainable flowers for their arrangements. At Marco Island Weddings, the premier florist in Marco Island, Florida, we have you covered with top tips for planning the green wedding of your dreams. We’ll help you cut down on waste, recycle decorations, and find ways to reuse decor even after the big day.

Woman holding green and white bridal bouquet

Sustainable Flower Designs

Going green begins with selecting the flowers that’ll brighten your wedding day. The most eco-friendly blooms are local and come directly from a responsible florist. Your local flower shop should know exactly what they need to create your floral designs, reducing waste and only using the necessary materials, nothing more. As a mindful shopper, learn about materials and consider using biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable products for your wedding florals. Talk with your florist about stunning and earth-friendly designs.

Wedding flowers in vases by table

Recycle Your Flower Vases

Embrace the recycling spirit in all of your wedding arrangements and centerpieces. Opt for reused containers for your floral creations, with a plan for them to become future home decor after the reception is over. If your home is already decorated or has a different design aesthetic, consider renting vases that can later brighten up other special occasions, promoting a cycle of happiness and reuse.

Lanterns, crates, and trunk as wedding decor

Get Thrifty with Decor

Embrace the vintage wedding vibe by renting or thrifting as much of your decor as possible. This stops new materials from being generated and adds nostalgia and uniqueness to the atmosphere, making your wedding decor as singular as your individual personality. Save these special pieces from ending up in the trash after the celebration and give them a new purpose.

Bride and groom confetti toss

Toss Petals in Celebration

As you embark on your new journey with your partner, surrounded by cheering friends and family, swap out traditional rice, confetti, or chemical-filled bubbles and swap in dried flower petals – nature’s confetti. If you want to leave no environmental footprint, offer ribbons to guests to wave as you leave your ceremony or reception, creating a colorful whirlwind of joy.

White flowers and lantern with curtain on arch

Opt for a Floral Arch

Craft an enchanting entrance that’s both vibrant and eco-friendly. If you dream of a romantic arch or a picturesque backdrop for your ceremony or sweetheart table, consider choosing floral arches and greenery backdrops instead of balloon arches. These lush floral displays are stunning and a more sustainable and environmentally conscious choice.

Woman's hands doing floral crafts

Make a Donation or Create Art

Once the celebrations are over, extend the happiness of your wedding flowers. Share still-vibrant arrangements with local hospitals, nursing homes, or nearby places needing cheer. And for flowers starting to fade, bring them home and make pressed flower art — creating a lasting memory to cherish for years.

As you plan your happily ever after, infuse it with the beautiful melodies of nature. At Marco Island Weddings, we’re here to help you craft a wedding that celebrates love and honors Mother Nature.

Earth-Friendly Tips for Wedding Flowers and Decor