How to Make Your Mother Feel Honored at Your Wedding

Few people in life are more important to us than our moms, who kissed every booboo, celebrated each birthday, and supported every dream we had as we grew from awkward kids into capable – and hopefully graceful – adults. No doubt you want to make her feel like the queen she is on your wedding day when she’ll watch you start your happily ever after with your forever person! At Marco Island Weddings in Marco Island, Florida, we support this wholesome effort – and we have some tips for getting it done right for both mothers and the bride and mothers of the groom.

Have Her Help You Get Ready For Your Big Day

A lot goes into the happy couple getting ready on the big day, from hair and makeup to jewelry and, of course, the tux and the dress! Having your mom be your number-one helper will show that you trust only her to make sure everything looks flawless. It’s these moments, filled with anticipation and excitement, when having her by your side is literally everything. It’s so much more than just practical — it’s a heartfelt tribute to your authentic bond.

Mom helping bride get ready for wedding

Use Her Favorite Flowers in Your Bouquet

Did your mom have a green thumb while you were growing up, turning your yard into a colorful sea of tulips in the spring and a rose-filled garden in the summer? Maybe she always had fresh-cut peonies in a vase on the table? Shed light on those sweet memories by making her favorite flowers the star of your wedding bouquet or boutonniere. It’s a nod to the past that beautifully vibes with the joy of your celebration, weaving the essence of family and the beauty of nature into your special day.

Bride holding wedding bouquet with white, peach, and red flowers

Have Your Florist Make Her Custom Wearable Flowers

While your bouquet is the main floral event, obviously, no mother of the bride or mother of the groom should be without flowers on their kid’s wedding day! So have your florist design her a corsage, crown, or other wearable floral art that sets her apart from the crowd – the perfect accessory to wear as a mom at a wedding. It can be customized to complement her style and go perfectly with the wedding’s energy, setting her apart in the sea of guests and making her feel special.

Bride putting corsage on mother's arm

Involve Her in Your Wedding Traditions

Giving your mom a starring role in your ceremony is a beautiful way to honor her on your big day! Have her walk you down the aisle as a modern spin on the traditional. Or, have her officiate at your wedding, making her a key part of the moment you say, “I do.” You can also have a mother-son dance or mother-daughter dance at the reception, which we love. And, of course, moms are experts in helping you find something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Bride carrying floral with parents escorting her

Give Her the Bridal Bouquet After the Ceremony

After you’ve said your “I dos” and it’s time to celebrate, toast to your mom by giving her the wedding bouquet and boutonniere to keep forever and ever. It’s the perfect wedding gift for moms! This act symbolizes your transition into married life and acknowledges the love you’ll always have for her. It’s a sweet way to say, “Thank you, Mom, for everything!” This newer wedding tradition is a wholesome alternative to the bouquet toss and gives your mom a tangible reminder of your special day.

Bride holding our bouquet of flowers

At Marco Island Weddings, showing our moms how happy we are that they’re ours is always a good idea, and we love to see it happen! After all, your wedding may only be one day, but the photos and memories stick around for years to come.

Make mom shine