Modern Corsages & Bouts: Pin It

Though your wedding may include many trendy new looks and styles, one particular time-honored tradition worth keeping in place is the act of presenting corsages and boutonnieres to the special guests at your wedding. These wearable flowers connect the individual to the bride and groom in a significant way, allowing other guests to recognize their […]

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Floral Wedding Installations That Make A Statement

One of the newest trends in weddings this year is the inclusion of a beautiful floral installation to replace the traditional archway or trellis often seen at the altar of the wedding ceremony. Show off your artistic side with a unique sculpture covered in flowers to go with your wedding design. The wedding designers at […]

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Spring Floral Prints

As spring is approaching we begin to prepare for multiple weddings. This is a perfect season for reciting nuptials, as spring often represents new beginnings and a fresh start. What you wear to this year’s wedding will be a statement about your personal brand. The design experts at Marco Island Florist are eager to showcase […]

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Coral Wedding Arrangements

The brightest, newest shade of 2019 has been named as Living Coral and we will be seeing this shade everywhere this season. By including this warm, vibrant color in your wedding palette, you’ll keep an on-trend edge in the midst of an otherwise more traditional wedding style. The design experts at Marco Island Weddings feel […]

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