Eerily Beautiful Flowers For A Halloween Wedding

If you’re having a Halloween wedding, you know that the sheer variety of rich, evocative florals available would leave anyone swooning. Contrary to popular expectation, a wedding centered around the most macabre of holidays needn’t just rely on pumpkins and mums; instead, there’s a world of flowers and other natural elements that can create an enchanting scene your wedding guests will be captivated by.

Tablescapes really shine, with luxurious linens in a variety of deep colors setting the tone. Arrangements are lush, featuring lots of greenery and flowers that fall in the red and purple palette, often accompanied by fruit, foliage or other found items from nature. The effect is decadent, exotic and magical.

Brides, planners and florists can create a vintage appeal on tables and other surfaces by using antlers, sticks and stones alongside pillar candles and an abundant display of the season’s best florals. The contrast between dark purple and pale pink flowers casts a vintage feel, a beautiful balance between light and dark.

While there aren’t truly black flowers, we do have the purple calla lily, with it’s intriguing shape and endlessly black center. These flowers look gorgeous when contrasted with warmer rustic tones, and since they make such a statement, you only need to clutch a few to get the desired effect. Against the backdrop of a white wedding gown, they pop, giving the overall wedding look a multi-layered appeal.

Halloween weddings don’t necessarily mean pumpkins and harvest hues. Instead, opt for Gothic elegance in the form of taper candles, richly-colored wine glasses and plating, as well as flowers that hint at the darker, more evocative side of the season.