How To Propose With Flowers

Let’s face it, marriage proposals are made infinitely better if flowers are involved. They can come in bouquet form or operate as decor, but flowers and engagement rings just seem to go together. There are many ways to combine the two, but we’re sharing our 3 favorites today. Easy to incorporate and a dream to have alongside as you pop the question, flowers just make everything better.

Down On One Knee

Why mess with tradition? If you’re planning on getting down on one knee to propose to your lady love (or your Mr. Right), incorporating flowers into the mix is easy. Get a bouquet of fresh cut blooms, preferably a grouping that you’ve customized yourself. Rather than simply hand over what was available from the florist that day, enhance your proposal by offering flowers that actually mean something. Floriography, the language of flowers, is a great thing to keep in mind when you’re building your bouquet. You can’t go wrong with red roses (called the Lover’s Rose), red tulips (meaning “‘a declaration of love”), or a pink peony, which symbolizes romance and prosperity. Take the chance to further refine your message by building in flowers that will really personalize your sentiments. For instance, turn to white chrysanthemums if you want to show your loyalty, pink orchids to express beauty, and white stock to symbolize a happy life.

A Literal Bed Of Roses 

First, a tip: if you’re going to create a statement scene with flowers (or just their petals), consider where you’ll be. Are you proposing on a windswept plain? An unfettered beach? Outside of the subway stop where you first bumped into each other? In your backyard? Before you create a giant heart of rose petals for the two of you to commune in, make sure a) you’re allowed to do so and b) you have a clean-up plan. Once that’s out of the way, consider which flowers or floral items would work best in the space you’ve chosen to stage your proposal. A forest floor calls for woodsy details and moss. A desert landscape is complemented by feathers and grasses. A bed of roses? Gorgeous anywhere. You can also create a path of flowers leading to your proposal spot, or establish an area with a variety of flowers and containers and candles, as above.

Embedded In A Flower

Who needs a velvet-lined box? The right blossom can make the perfect platform for the engagement ring. Place yours on the center of a sunflower, or tuck it into the hardy folds of a succulent. You can nestle your showpiece in a bed of moss, lay it gracefully between the folds of a rose, or turn it into a necklace for an orchid. Your beloved will be surprised to discover their ring presented in such a lovely way.