Ways to Save On Flowers for Your Intimate Wedding

Small weddings are an excellent way to create a quiet, intimate vibe on your special day. Simple and beautiful does not have to be expensive, and that includes the flowers you choose for your wedding. Marco Island Weddings has some great ideas to share with you about saving money while having gorgeous blooms surround you on your wedding day.

  • Choose locally-grown in-season flowers. The savings you’ll see with keeping it local and working with nature will be worth it.
  • Choose budget blooms and filler flowers, like carnations, mums, and baby’s breath. These simple flowers can look amazing in the hands of the right florist, and will be much more bang for your buck.

  • Choose a florist you can be honest with about your budget. Let us know what you’re working with so we can honor your budget and present creative ideas that will work with, instead of against, your price point.

Design a day to remember without stressing about the strain on your budget by making smart choices along the way. The floral experts at Marco Island Weddings will be happy to work with you and your budget to design a memorable event you’ll love.

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