Wedding Blooms With Gorgeous Fragrance

When you choose your flowers for your wedding day, color and design is an obvious choice. A less obvious option is beautifully fragrant flowers. The floral artisans at Marco Island Weddings can help you choose the most beautiful flowers that also come with gorgeous fragrance. Here are some of the top most fragrant flowers that will also be beautiful on your wedding day.

Roses: This timeless classic has an unforgettable fragrance that will permeate your entire day, and leave you with nostalgic feelings every time you smell roses in the future. Make a day full of lasting memories with roses as your blooms of choice.

Lavender: Known for its soothing, calming properties, the scent of lavender can bring a relaxing element to an otherwise stressful day. Let the beauty and calming fragrance of lavender bring peace to you when you include it in your bridal bouquet.

Hyacinth: Fresh and pretty, hyacinths are also sweetly fragrant. These delightful blooms are showy, making them a perfect centerpiece on each table at your reception. Choose colors that coordinate with your wedding decor and enjoy this happy scent.

Peonies: Large, colorful blooms full of perfumed fragrance makes a delightful bridal bouquet. Peonies are the perfect wedding bloom because of their sweet scent, bright colors, and full blooms.

Freesia: The light, fresh scent of freesia will be delightful as boutonnieres, when the gentlemen smell as good as the ladies look on this special day.

Incorporate fresh smelling flowers everywhere you look on your wedding day for a delightful surprise for all your friends and family. Include beautiful fragrant flowers in your wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, corsages and centerpieces. Talk to the floral designers at Marco Island Weddings to learn more about ways you can include fragrance as well as beauty on your special day.