Flowers For Eloping

Wedding flowers can be a grand affair for traditional weddings, but when it comes to elopements, what are the rules for flowers? Are there even rules about elopement flowers? As it turns out, you have plenty of great options for including your favorite flowers in your elopement, and the floral experts at Marco Island Weddings have a few tips to help you choose something perfect.

Setting Choosing your venue is exciting! Whether your planning to escape to the beach or the mountains, a meadow or City Hall, let your flowers reflect your surroundings. A tropical bouquet will match a beach wedding beautifully, while wildflowers will look like they were just plucked from the garden you’re standing in.

Seasonality Choosing flowers that are in season during the month of your wedding will not only be more cost-effective, you’re also more likely to find something readily available. As a bonus, your flowers will be a reflection of the time of year you got married, making great memories.

Your fiancé and you should be surrounded by flowers you love, so if you have a special variety that means the world to you, choose it! Let your personality shine through the flowers you choose.

Size Whether your elopement is to a fabulous destination or downtown at City Hall, a compact, hand-held bouquet will probably be your best option. Not only will this be more economical than something larger, but it may also be easier to design on short notice.

Bring your personality and the nature of your relationship with your partner into every aspect of your wedding. From the decision to elope to the details, make this special day your own. Talk to the designers at Marco Island Weddings about the best floral choices for your elopement and let us help you make this special day wonderful.