How to Take Your Fall or Winter Wedding Outdoors

While an outdoor wedding venue might not seem to be the first choice for an autumn or winter wedding, exchanging vows outdoors during the fall and winter season can be an experience not to be forgotten. With amazing fall colors as a backdrop to your nuptials, an autumn wedding allows the beauty of nature, in all her glory, to welcome your guests with the hues of the season. Wintertime whites and the silent whisper of a crisp, snowy afternoon welcomes guests to share in the love and romance of the ceremony. The experts at Marco Island Weddings understand the importance of capturing the vision of your perfect wedding day. Let us help you create that vision.

Timing is Everything

The natural beauty that a fall or winter outdoor wedding brings is worth the bit of extra planning it may take to assure that your wedding day is completely captivating. those who want a late afternoon or early evening ceremony should remember that the length of day shortens during the autumn and winter seasons. If natural light or a sunset wedding is your wish, consider a late afternoon time no more than an hour before sunset. If an evening wedding is your goal, external lighting sources are needed, especially if you also hold the reception outdoors or in a wedding tent at your chosen venue. Whether you choose natural lighting for a daytime wedding or an evening ceremony under the stars, your romantic fall or winter wedding starts with deciding on timing for the wedding and reception.

Fabulous Fall Weddings

For many couples, nothing brings to mind romance quicker than a walk through fallen leaves, taking in the brightly colored leaves on the trees and the bracing air as the wind scatters more leaves on the path. The choice of an outdoor venue for an autumn wedding allows the beauty of nature to highlight your color choices and provides serenity on your special day. An afternoon wedding on a crisp autumn day is within your reach with a little planning. Temperatures may drop as the ceremony and reception progress, Consider providing blankets, in your choice of color for each guest, and have a pre-wedding cocktail hour serving warm drinks and coffee. The use of fire pits and outdoor heaters will also help everyone stay comfortably warm during your autumn outdoor wedding. Romance is in the air as you celebrate your love in an autumnal outdoor ceremony and reception.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Possibilities

Considering an outdoor wedding and reception venue during the winter months suggests a love of wintertime weather or the holidays. Depending on your vision for your wedding, a snowy winter landscape can add enchantment to any wedding. Perhaps you are planning a holiday ceremony in which snow-covered trees and a wintry sun glinting off the ice would be the perfect backdrop for your outdoor wedding. Some couples choose a winter date with the expectation that the ceremony will be held on a tropical beach or another destination with warm temperatures throughout the year.  In either case, if your heart is set on an outdoor winter ceremony, choose your date and the venue to create the winter wedding of your dreams.

Marco Island Weddings wants to help you envision your fall or winter outdoor wedding venue choices. The beauty of the outdoors during the fall and winter seasons naturally draw some couples to consider an outdoor wedding. By choosing your date and the time of day of your nuptials carefully, and considering the location of your venue, and possible alternative plans, your outdoor ceremony will be all that you imagined it to be.