Create a Memorable Proposal – 10 Do’s & Don’ts

If you’re starting to think about proposing to your partner, you’re likely in a very exciting place in your life. There’s plenty to consider when creating a beautiful proposal. You want to think about the best timing and location for your big moment, and of course, what to do (and what NOT to do) when presenting the ring for the first time. The wedding experts at Marco Island Weddings are happy to share some of our favorite tips about how to create a proposal both of you will love to talk about for years to come. 

Some Points to Think about Ahead of Time

As you’re preparing for a life-changing event like getting engaged, it’s important to think about your time frame and location. You and your partner may not want to be surrounded by too many people for such a sweet moment; or, you may love the attention and excitement a public engagement can bring. Think about your personalities as you choose your location. Timing can also be a major factor. If you ask for her had at dinner, just before rushing off to a show you have tickets for, the two of you may not have time to bask in the glow of romance like you want. Leave a little room for some tears, some kisses and some glowing as you both soak in the moment and realize this is the beginning of forever together!

Do It Right

There are a few details to keep in mind as you prepare for the big moment. The ring, of course, is the center of everything and should be chosen-and given- with care. After you’ve selected the perfect ring you know she’ll love, consider a few of these options in how you’ll present the engagement ring to your intended. 

  • Do tie it on. Give her a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers or a small gift in which the ring is tied with a ribbon. She’ll love the unexpected discovery of something so precious.
  • Do send her searching. A scavenger hunt or some form of treasure hunt is a fun way to keep her guessing what you’re up to until she arrives at the prize- you with a ring!
  • Do string her along. Give her the end of a string and invite her to follow it as far as it goes…to the ring at the other end!
  • Do create a scene. Design a creative exhibit of favorite memories: ticket stubs, photos, vacation souvenirs, and special gifts. As she’s reliving all the special moments, make one more by getting down on one knee.
  • Do bring an audience. If she loves being center stage, she’ll love be surrounded by all of her friends and family for this special moment. If you are a more private couple, you might want to have a small gathering of loved ones waiting at a nearby location with champagne to celebrate afterwards. 

Please Just Don’t…

While it can be a lot of fun to plan a creative presentation of the ring, it’s important to keep a few guidelines in mind. You don’t want to run the risk of losing the ring or harming anyone on such an otherwise lovely occasion. With that:

  • Don’t hide the ring in her food. A meaningful moment can turn terrible quickly if she accidentally chokes or swallows the ring. And even that doesn’t happen, do you really want her first glimpse of this beautiful token to be when it’s covered in dinner?
  • Don’t hide the ring in her drink, either. A sparkling ring might look pretty at the bottom of a champagne glass, but it could be more harrowing than you expect to get it out. Also, the potential risk for a choking hazard is high here as well as in food- better to avoid altogether.
  • Don’t hide the ring at all. While we’re at it, hiding the ring leaves room for it to get lost or stolen, putting a damper on the entire proposal. Be sure to keep in close at hand before you place it on her hand.
  • Don’t rely on the weatherman. They may tell you it’s going to be clear and sunny, but if you intend to propose outdoors, it might be wise to have an indoor option as a backup plan in case the weather turns inclement unexpectedly.
  • Don’t rely on anyone else at all! The ring and its significance is simply not as meaningful to anyone else besides you and your intended (who probably doesn’t know it exists yet). That being said, you are probably the best person to keep it safe until you’ve given it to her. You also don’t want to find yourself anxious over someone else’s timing or location. Save the involvement of others for the party later. 

Proposing marriage to your partner is a very special moment that will go down in history for the two of you. It’s worth investing your time, energy and creativity into doing it well. Be sure to consider your temperments and style, then create something you and your partner will still love to talk about with the grandkids. For more tips and ideas about proposing, talk to the experts at Marco Island Weddings. We can’t wait to hear your proposal story and help you as you plan your wedding!