The Best Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement

Once you get engaged, the excitement that takes over is second-to-none. You’ll want to share your big news with everyone, in a way that helps it all feel so special to both of you. For some, that means shouting from the rooftops how in love you are. For others, a quiet intimate affair with close loved ones adds more meaning to the moment. No matter how you choose to share your news, a celebration is in order. The wedding professionals at Marco Island Weddings have a few suggestions to offer. Whether you love big and bold or quiet and simple, we have ideas for celebrating your engagement that you’ll love.

Big ‘n Splashy

For the couple that wants to celebrate in a big way, it’s completely appropriate to host a fabulous party to announce your engagement. An elite, swanky black tie affair takes the excitement to new levels. Include a full buffet, fresh classic roses on every table and a champagne toast to round out the evening with everyone you know. For a lighter feel, think about a cocktail party, complete with trendy greenery like succulents and ferns, stylish mixed drinks and funky appetizers. If already a bit budget-conscious, a backyard barbeque featuring strings of lights in the trees, daisies and sunflowers on the picnic tables and coolers full of beer can bring everyone together for an evening of fun celebration. 

Small & Quaint

While a big soiree might not be for you, a gathering of close, intimate friends and family could be a better way to go. A surprise party immediately following the proposal itself is a wonderful way to bring everyone into one place to share in your excitement. For something a little more formal, invite parents, siblings and your closest of friends to a special engagement dinner where you can share your proposal story with those you love most. This is also a great way to bring important individuals in your lives together so they can start getting to know each other before the wedding. For a more casual approach, have your tribe over for a fun game night, giving everyone a chance to hang out with each other and you. 

Just the Two of You

If you’d rather keep the celebrating just between the two of you, think about spending some time simply being in the moment. Take a trip to the spot where you first met, like your college campus or the restaurant where you had your first date. A weekend getaway to a romantic bed and breakfast is a great way to get away from everyday life and just focus on one another before the deluge of wedding planning, budgeting and details inundates you both. 

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this new step in your relationship, the excitement and joy you’re feeling is real and should be given its due. Bring together everyone you’ve ever met, or just the ones you’re closest to, or simply take some time to revel in your happiness together, just the two of you. For more ideas about celebrating your engagement your way, or when you’re ready to get to work planning the big day, talk to the wedding experts at Marco Island Weddings. We’re here to help you make the most of every moment as you plan the wedding of your dreams.