Six Ideas for Including Furry Friends in Your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches and you finalize your guest list, don’t overlook one important furry pal. Fur babies have been increasingly more popular to see at weddings, and yours can be no different. Your friends here at Marco Island Weddings have the best six ways to ensure your four-legged friend is properly included in your celebration of love. From walking down the aisle to inspiring a signature drink, there are countless cute and creative ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding.


Cat laying next to wedding rings

Furry Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

A common way to include your furry friend in your big day is by making them a flower girl or ring bearer. This twist on tradition is not only adorable and will grab the attention of your guests, but it is a fun way to celebrate your wedding alongside your best friend. Dress them up in a pet tuxedo, bowtie, white skirt, and veil, or floral crown and add blooms to their leash to help them get into character and play their part.


Little dog wearing a dress and wedding sign near wedding ceremony arch

“Hire” an Enthusiastic Greeter

If your furry friend is a social butterfly and loves being the center of attention, there is no better place for them at your wedding than the front door. As each guest enters your wedding, they will immediately be greeted with a wagging tail and a whole lot of love.


Little white dog wearing black bow tie walking down wedding aisle

Have a Personal Escort

If a parent or grandparent is in need of an escort to walk down the aisle with, there is no one better for the job than your fur baby. Get them dressed and wedding-ready so they can be the perfect “arm candy” and personal escort. You can also have your furry friend escort you down the aisle for a heartwarming moment as they “give you away.”


Bridesmaids with cute little dog

Add to Your Bridal Party

As you exchange your vows and say, “I do,” you want to make sure everyone you love is accounted for, including your best furry friends. Not only will they make a wonderful addition to your bridal party, but you can also give them the special title of “fur-maid of honor” or “best fur-man.” Have your pet walk down the aisle with the rest of your bridal party and stand next to you as you exchange your vows.


Bride getting ready with little dog in a tuxedo

Get Ready Together

Whether they need to get ready or not, your four-legged best friend is here to help ease those wedding jitters and spend time with you before you are no longer a bachelor or bachelorette. Spending precious one-on-one time with your fur baby before becoming a new family will be an important part of your day. Make sweet memories with your pet and celebrate in the bridal suite together with your bridal party as you gear up to walk down the aisle.


Wedding themed cocktails

Name Signature Cocktails After Them

While signature cocktails reflect your personal taste and style, this is the perfect way to incorporate your fur baby into your wedding reception, even if they are not present. Everyone enjoys ordering fun drinks at weddings and is sure to love asking the bartender for “The Chloe” or “The Fido” all evening. You can also create drinks inspired by your pet’s name. For example, if their name is Jack, then having a fun cocktail made with Jack Daniels Whiskey would be appropriate.

Before you found your “true love” we know you found the best “puppy (or kitten) love.” So, celebrating a day of love and your new family cannot be complete without including your favorite furry friend in your wedding. If you are in need of the perfect flower accessories, or more ideas for your fur baby, your friends here at Marco Island Weddings are excited to lend their expertise.