Five Brilliant and Out-of-the-Box Event Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, levels, styles, and personalities. Deciding on the perfect centerpiece to not only help celebrate and mirror your special day, but emulates your own personality, taste, relationships, and life can be tricky. While your favorite flowers will complement your style, your friends, and experts here at Marco Island Florist are showing off these unique and out-of-the-box centerpiece ideas that are sure to spark some creative inspiration and a fun, new perspective.

Colorful floral bouquet inside a teapot


Since they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, themes, and styles, teapots are a great way to mix up the décor and centerpieces for your event. They are the perfect addition to complement any garden parties, showers, small intimate weddings, or for anyone who simply loves a cup of tea. Picture a pastel floral arrangement for something soft and sweet, or strong and vibrant colored flowers for an eye-catching pop.

Purple flowers in black lantern


These rustic pieces are becoming more and more popular as centerpieces, and it is easy to see why. Create unexpected beauty by replacing the candles inside with your favorite florals or build a ring of flowers around the outside for a romantic look and feel. Lanterns are a wonderful way to add a unique, country, or chic element to your table designs.

Bold, bright, and colorful flowers inside a beautiful orange pumpkin

Fruit & Veggies

Aside from ensuring the flowers for your arrangement are in season, many people like to bring the feel of their favorite summer, fall, spring, or winter elements into their décor. For instance, carving out the insides of a pumpkin or pineapple to create a festive centerpiece enhances the cozy autumn or tropical summer feel you are aiming for. You can also pick out smaller fruits and veggies to line a table runner or hide inside your floral centerpieces for hints of seasonal color and surprises for guests to spot.

Elegant floral arrangement with pink roses under a glass dome on a long dinner table with candles


Without disturbing or pulling away from the brilliance of the floral arrangement underneath, a cloche or glass dome enhances the creativity of your event decor. This type of centerpiece has the ability to transport your guests out of the ballroom and into an enchanted forest or fairytale, as many people associate flowers in a cloche with classics like Beauty and the Beast.  Opt for a full and colorful flower arrangement or a classic single stem to achieve the best look for your celebration.

Colorful and elegant floral bouquet on top of a silver candelabra

Vintage Pieces

No matter if the theme or style of your event is vintage, elegant, classic, rustic, boho, or mid-century modern, there is always room for some antiques. Timeliness centerpieces like candelabras, white vases, small gold accents, and other treasures you can discover at your local thrift shop or even in your grandmother’s attic, are unbeatable items to incorporate. Not only are they breathtaking, but they add an element of personality, originality, and your own individual touch to each guest table.

No matter the style of your wedding, from rustic to elegant or classic to boho, there are so many fun, creative, and unique roads to explore when it comes to your centerpieces. Let these pieces and other decor items help tell the story of your journey leading up to this celebration or the future you cannot wait to experience. For more help making these dreams and breathtaking ideas come to life, your friends here at Marco Island Florist are always ready to work with you.