A Style Guide for Fresh Cake Flowers

Making your wedding day look and feel unique and reflective of your personal style might just start with your wedding cake! Decorating your wedding cake with fresh flowers is a timeless and elegant way to add a romantic touch to your special day. With a few simple tips, you can create a showstopping wedding cake that can act as a decorative focal point for your reception. In this wedding cake style guide, the floral experts at Marco Island Florist provide all the information you need to choose the best fresh blooms for your cake decor.

wedding cake with fresh flowers

Real Flowers vs. Faux Flora

The debate between real and fake flowers on wedding cakes is never-ending. But, here at Marco Island, real flowers “take the cake” each and every time! Real flowers on wedding cakes are a great way to add natural beauty to the cake and can be tailored to match the wedding’s color palette and existing floral decor, bouquets, and centerpieces exactly. Real fresh blooms make all the difference. Fake flowers, on the other hand, lack a natural beauty, clash with elegant decor, and ultimately tarnish the timeless beauty and hard effort you have put into your wedding day aesthetic.

One big reason some couples wander down the path of faux blooms for wedding cakes is for health and sanitary reasons. While this is understandable, many florists use special techniques when attaching fresh flowers to wedding cakes. One method is by wrapping the stems or utilizing toothpicks to inhibit the petals from even touching the icing or cake. If edible flowers are preferred for decorating your wedding cake or other food and drink items, you can place and special order for “edible flowers” with your florist. You should never eat real petals unless your florist has confirmed the blooms are safe for consumption.

Collection of flowers on top of a wedding cake

All About Wedding Cake Toppers

Consider a floral cake topper if you want something lively, different, or whimsical to top your cake. Floral toppers can add a fun, stylish touch to your wedding cake, and there are various ways to design flower cake toppers to match your wedding theme or style. Whether it’s a miniature arrangement to mimic your centerpieces or floral accents to highlight berries or macarons, let your imagination run wild.

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Fancy Flowers

A grand collection of your favorite blooms will add elevated style to your wedding cake. Whether a pastel palette with soft hues or a bold presence of dramatic blooms, adorning each tier will certainly make a statement. Ensure the stems you select are large enough to stand out and aren’t too small that they get lost in the decor. When choosing a design style, from cascading to arranged in clustered or paired with pearls or ribbon, it’s important to remember the overall theme, look, and feel of your big day to create cohesion. 

A beautiful white wedding cake with flowers

A Little Can Say A Lot

Minimalist wedding cake flowers are fantastic options for the modern couple with a sleek style or the couple who shies away from too much fuss. Minimal cake floral is also a nice option for smaller weddings or elopements. Whether you opt for a few simple sprigs of greenery or add hints of seasonal flowers here and there, your wedding cake will pop in a simple and classic way that fits seamlessly with your minimalist vibe.

Naked wedding cake with roses

Going Au Naturel

Naked wedding cakes with fresh flowers have become increasingly popular in recent years. They provide a stunning and unique presentation that adds a touch of rustic charm to any event. Not only are these cakes visually appealing, but they also offer an irresistible taste. Combining the light, fluffy sponge of exposed cake and the delicious textures of fruit, fresh flowers are a brilliant contrast to any naked wedding cake. These cakes are ideal for any rustic, organic, boho, or natural wedding theme.

Vintage Wedding Glaced Semi Naked Cake Gold Yellow Blue Dryed Flowers Candle Holder Boho Chic Lollipop on Wooden Box

Going Wild With Wildflower Cakes

Wildflower wedding cakes not only have an alluring appearance, but they also reflect the natural beauty of the world outside and create a lovely, relaxed atmosphere for your big day. Whether you have a single-tier or a multi-tier cake, the vibrant pressed flowers will surely be a hit. Selecting a fun, creative, and whimsical wildflower wedding cake is a fantastic idea for rustic, bohemian, garden, and vintage-themed weddings.

Wedding cake floral is a charming and creative avenue couples can take to fill their day with Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. Since wedding cakes are a focal point for any reception, consulting with a florist, like Marco Island Florist, is always great. This ensures your wedding cake can act as a piece of art and décor that matches the rest of your floral designs, such as bouquets, centerpieces, and accent arrangements. Talking to your wedding florist about your cake is also crucial to confirm that the blooms utilized are safe to consume or use for cake decorating.  

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