Stunning Floor to Ceiling Blooms for an Epic Wedding Celebration

Having bouquets, flower arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres custom-made for your wedding day is a practice deeply entrenched in tradition. They’re beautiful, add elegance, and make your big day much more festive and celebratory. But what if you turned the dial to eleven with big, bold floral installations that will completely wow your guests? You could bring in entire flower backdrops, suspend cascading garlands from the walls and ceilings, and attach big bouquets to seats and aisle markers — the whole nine yards. Your venue will become a lush and verdant oasis that makes your nuptials dreamy and unforgettable. Here at Marco Island Weddings in Marco island, Florida we’re ready and waiting to help you turn your wedding into a botanical wonderland with the freshest blooms and the most skilled designers. Let’s make your grandest occasion as beautiful as a bountiful cheery blossom blooming in springtime.

Floral arrangements at sweetheart table

Low and Lush Flower Installations

When outfitting your wedding venue with flowers, don’t forget about the space below you. That’s an oft-neglected area that can make a big difference when you fill it with eye-catching blooms. Start with flower arrangements that sit at the foot of the sweetheart table, then move into festooning the backs of chairs with posh bouquets that continue to draw the eye upwards. The result will be a resplendent feast of low and lush flower installations for the eyes that everyone will compliment.

Place settings with purple and white flower runner

Floral Table Runners

Instead of simply having flower arrangements on all of the tables at your wedding, a posh and elegant alternative (or addition) is custom floral table runners comprised of bursting blossoms, accent blooms, and gorgeous greenery. For extra glamour, have the floral runners cascade over the corners and edges of tables, adding movement and making the installation appear like a whimsical waterfall of colorful blooms. The look will enchant guests as they sit down to a stunning paradise of living beauty.

Flowers adorning staircase

Luxurious Accenting Floral Designs

Take advantage of every nook, cranny, and corner of your wedding venue by creating custom floral designs for unexpected places. That could look like a sumptuous arrangement of blossoms winding around a spiral staircase, cascading blooms adorning elegant furniture, large flower bouquets tucked into corners, and custom arrangements highlighting unique archetypal features. This level of sophistication will soften the space and make it feel like a wonderland full of blooms, giving guests a unique sensory experience.

Wall with large flower arrangements

Blooming Backdrops and Walls

A flower wall is a big, bold, and dramatic installation that can seriously elevate any space. You can also go in several directions concerning how you can execute this go big or go home arrangement at your wedding. You can set one up to act as a photo booth background for guests, allowing them to create personalized memories, or you can adorn the walls heading into the venue with bursting blossoms and blooms from floor to ceiling. A flower wall also dazzles behind the sweetheart table, highlighting the wedding VIPs. This enchanting statement installation will no doubt be the highlight decor piece of the event, showcasing nature’s capacity to be truly breathtaking.

Flower chandelier

Flower Chandeliers

Many wedding venues have chandeliers, so adding custom floral elements to them is a popular decor choice for hotel and estate weddings. Depending on the existing chandelier’s structure, you can tailor the arrangement to work with its shapes and lines, ensuring that each element is highlighted perfectly. Or you can create blossom-based chandeliers for garden, tent, and barn weddings. For a more modern approach, jettison the disco ball and instead create an illuminated bouquet of flowers accented with twinkling lights for the dance floor. What an elegant way to invite your guests to celebrate.

Flowers cascading from ceiling

Floral-Filled Ceilings

Filling the ceiling of your wedding venue is one of the most luxurious decorative elements you can add, wowing guests when they look up. A natural choice is to beautify the top of the ceremony pergola, which will look especially elegant in wedding photos, a bonus. You can also adorn the ceilings of hallways, doorways, and above the dining area for added blooming sophistication. This can take your venue to the next level as you showcase bountiful blooms filling the sky like stars.

At Marco Island Weddings , we believe every wedding venue is unique and deserves its distinct and sophisticated floral design. Our wedding professionals are passionate about creating unforgettable arrangements that will complement and elevate the aesthetic of your chosen space. With an extensive selection of color palettes, textures, and blooms, we are confident that we can create one-of-a-kind floral designs that capture your personality or theme.

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