Wedding Bouquet Options Decoded: 8 Top Shapes You Should Know About

So, you’re ready to discuss your wedding bouquet with your floral designer — an exciting time! While you might think they’re just like everyday bouquets you get from your sweetie, they differ in some key aspects. Everyday bouquets are usually prearranged without too much room for personalization, for one. They also don’t have the structural elements (that you can’t really see) needed to last for an entire wedding day. On the other hand, wedding flowers are tailored to your heart’s desire and carefully designed for hours of handling, photographing from a million angles, and transportation. So whatever your needs and wants are — whether you envision adding charms or leaning into the crystal-stemmed bouquet trend you keep seeing on your socials — your wedding bouquet reflects your authentic self, so make it 100 percent yours.

If you love to plan, daydream, or stay on top of the latest trends, chances are you already have a clear vision of your dream wedding bouquet. Whether it’s a mix of classic roses and ranunculus or timeless lilies and sunflowers — and whether you’re drawn to a color palette of blues and whites or Pantone’s peach fuzz (the 2024 color of the year) — you might think you have it all figured out. However, what you might not have considered is the bouquet shape or design type that perfectly fits your vibe. That’s where we step in! The experts at Marco Island Weddings in Marco Island, Florida are sharing the eight wedding bouquet styles everyone is here for – including us.

Natural and Freeform

We suggest a natural or freeform bouquet if you identify as a free spirit. Leaning hard into the boho vibe, this popular bouquet “shape” has a laid-back energy that celebrates the innate beauty of nature, complete with abundant and lush greenery. But remember, there are no hard and fast rules! So, follow your heart and create an authentic, beautiful design that speaks to you.

Couple with natural and freeform bouquet


In contrast to a freeform bouquet, crescent bouquets have a distinct shape — and you can probably guess what it is. If you’re picturing a half-moon, also known as a crescent, you’re right on point! These bouquets command attention with lots of lush blooms and fresh greenery. So, if you’re drawn to abundant flowers and symmetry, a crescent wedding bouquet is for you.

Bride holding crescent bouquet


Conversely, semi-crescent bouquets are asymmetrical, perfect for modern couples seeking a trendy look. Often called “bespoke,” this bouquet style has a one-of-a-kind feel to it, something any bride and groom will appreciate. After all, who wouldn’t want something created just for them?

Woman holding semi-crescent bouquet


Attention, stans of the “old money” style trend! Round bouquets are the most timeless wedding bouquet shape, standing the test of time. While they are more traditional than the others on this list, you can serve contemporary energy by incorporating the trendiest wedding flowers of 2024: ranunculus and peonies (recently crowned as the 2024 bloom of the year). Pair them with your accent stems of choice to round it all out.

Bride holding round bouquet


Yet another favorite choice, perfect for those envisioning a posh, romantic, or boho-style wedding, is a cascading or waterfall bouquet. Overflowing with flowers and greenery of different lengths and textures, this bouquet is all about drama and romance – très chic! What sets a cascading arrangement apart is the movement it lends to your entire wedding ensemble, from the flutter of your veil to the graceful sweep of your dress.

Bride holding cascading bouquet


Picture elegance with a touch of simplicity, and you have the essence of a long-stem bouquet. Typically small enough to hold easily in one hand, this bouquet style often has statement flowers such as calla lilies protea, sunflowers, or hyacinths. True to its name, the stems are left long, providing the perfect canvas for adding sentimental charms, such as a family heirloom you love.

Bride holding long-stem bouquet


If you want to differentiate your luxe wedding bouquet from those of your bridal party, mini bouquets are the perfect solution. While complementing the vibe of your bouquet, these petite designs are cute and easy to hold. They’re also adorable and ideal for junior bridesmaids and flower girls. Whether you’re having an intimate ceremony or have a playful, quirky style, mini bouquets can be a fab choice for you as well!

Bride holding mini bouquet

Floral Hoop

If you want an alternative to a traditional floral wedding bouquet, lean into the trendiness of a floral hoop. Typically crafted with a golden metal ring, these unique “bouquets” come in lots of sizes, shapes, and finishes, ranging from smooth metals to natural materials. Flowers are often affixed to the side or bottom of the hoop, similar to the styling of a minimalist wreath you’ll be totally obsessed with!

Bridesmaids holding floral hoop bouquets

With the guidance of the experts at Marco Island Weddings, you’ll no doubt find the perfect wedding bouquet shape that matches seamlessly with your style. Our wedding flowers are designed to hold up perfectly on your big day, ensuring they remain picture-perfect from start to finish.