Consider Traditional Roses For Your Summer Wedding

When planning a wedding, we all want to make each detail as original and meaningful as possible. Anything that can infuse the day with something you and your spouse share, from a favorite song to flavor of cake, should be included. Sometimes, however, choosing the flowers for your special day can be a little more involved. It’s important to consider price, availability, and your overall theme, to name a few. The floral designers at Marco Island Weddings suggest roses for your summer wedding! Here’s why:

Roses Can Withstand Summer Heat

Unlike more delicate flowers, roses remain beautiful and fresh even in hot weather. Plus their bright colors and variety of types means you can choose the perfect look to go with your overall theme.

Roses Can Keep You Under Budget

Since roses are in season during summer months, they’re easily accessible. This makes them more affordable than other flowers that may not be in season or are more difficult to find. Having gorgeous flowers at your wedding without busting your budget? Yes, please!

Roses Can Bring a Traditional Touch

Everyone wants to make their wedding day unique to themselves, as a means of establishing themselves and presenting their united personalities to the world. Including a touch of tradition in the midst of the original can be a truly sentimental addition. Roses are such timeless flowers that their inclusion in your special day can add a classic element that blends beautifully with your eclectic style.

Choosing all of the details for your wedding can be a lot of work. Let the floral experts at Marco Island Florist take some of the weight off your shoulders by helping you choose the perfect floral designs for all of your wedding decor. We look forward to helping you choose flowers as beautiful as you.

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