Wedding Reception Flower Trends

Apart from the couple’s love for one another, a huge part of any wedding’s romance comes from the floral arrangements. Decorating your reception with on-trend wedding reception floral arrangements will help you achieve the right ambiance, warmth, and energy to celebrate your nuptials. This year, wedding reception flowers featuring muted tones like slate blue, dusty rose, and eucalyptus green and arrangements which highlight tropical greenery featuring large foliage and a strong visual impact are in high-demand at Marco Island Florist.

5 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception with Tropical Greenery and Flowers

1. Grace Your Guests with Garlands

Fresh garlands featuring a mix of greenery, blooms, and additional embellishments (like seashells, gems, candles, or ribbons) have become a highly popular choice for adorning tables at wedding receptions. They’re perfect for a table where guests sit on only one side (such as the wedding party’s head table) and non-seated tables (such as the gift or cake tables). Garlands surrounding a table with a beautiful centerpiece add a lush feeling of decadence to any wedding reception.


2. Choose a Greenery Theme

If done with a keen eye, you can mix certain types of greenery, but typically it’s best to select a greenery theme and stick to it. For example, your reception can highlight arrangements featuring a variety of succulents in various dusty-green shades or go for a bold statement, featuring large tropical leaves of various shapes and sizes. Both choices are lovely and trendy, and picking one or the other will ensure your wedding reception decor and floral ambiance feels cohesive.

3. Consider the Table Locations

Before ordering specific floral arrangements for your wedding reception, map out the location of all the tables and other places where you want arrangements for your reception. If you have a table in a corner, a centerpiece that features a flat side will work best. It’s also important to know whether you’ll have long tables, round tables, or both. Our florists can help you select centerpieces that complement the available table space and their locations around the room.

4. Think About Guest Sight Lines

Tall arrangements in fluted vases create high drama at a reception, but they can also block your guests’ sightlines. It’s best to use these arrangements as statements pieces on tables where guests won’t be sitting across from one another, trying to chat through a forest of (delicate, yet opaque) ferns. For guest tables, consider using bouquets arranged in five-inch, leaf-lined glass cubes.

5. Spend More on Your Honeymoon with Seasonal Arrangements

Arrangements featuring in-season blooms usually cost much less than arrangements featuring flowers that need to be cultivated out of season. Picking arrangements that feature in-season flowers doesn’t mean you need to compromise your preferred colors; it simply limits the type of flowers that will be included in your arrangements. If you’re set on a specific bloom for your bouquet, consider ordering the rest of your wedding flowers in-season to save money for your honeymoon.

Timely Wedding Reception Flowers from Marco Island Florist

The beauty of flowers is that they go with everything. Flowers and greenery enhance the allure of any type of decor — high glamour, rustic, elegant, and magical. So, it’s difficult to make a wrong choice, when selecting arrangements for your wedding reception.

Our expert wedding florists at Marco Island Florist can help you choose floral arrangements for your wedding that’ll fit both your budget and your style. We’ll ensure the arrangements you choose to highlight your reception space and decor in just the right way. For more information about wedding flower packages and more, contact us today!