The Best Flowers for a Florida Fall Wedding

Florida is a great place to have an outdoor wedding in the fall, but, since it is Florida and prone to extreme temperatures, it’s best to use flowers and plants that can hold up to the heat and humidity. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful fall flowers that can do just that, and the professionals at Marco Island Florist are experts at bringing your wedding vision to life, regardless of the temperature.  

For 40 years, we’ve been the area’s premier floral and wedding experts providing unparalleled customer service and floral expertise to the brides and grooms who come to us. We love using fall flowers in weddings and below are some of our favorites:




Peonies: With an elegant beauty and sweet fragrance, peonies are colorful, round, full blooms that bring a dramatic quality anywhere you place them. They are perfect for fall weddings.

Tulips: Coming in a variety of bright colors, tulips are a popular wedding flower and revered all over the world for their beauty. Since they can withstand heat pretty well, they make a good choice for warm-weather weddings.

Protea: Unique looking and hardy, protea flowers are great for adding flair to a wedding centerpiece or in a bouquet. They represent change and hope and are perfect for the bride who wants something a little different.

Mini Calla Lilies

Mokara Orchid


Mini Calla Lilies: Elegant and rich, these mini calla lilies come in a wide array of rich fall colors such as red, orange, blue, and purple. 

Mokara orchids: Lovely trailing orchids that create a cascading style, the mokara orchid is perfect for corsages and boutonnieres.

Ranunculus: A gorgeous flower with numerous petals that create a rich density, these flowers add depth and texture to any floral design. This striking flower comes in a variety of vibrant fall colors.


Garden Roses

Tropical Greenery

Sunflowers: Always popular because of its charming, bright cheeriness, sunflowers represent dedicated love and are wonderful addition to any wedding floral arrangement. 

Garden Roses: Bringing classic elegance and imbued with romantic overtones, the beautiful garden rose has a delicate fragrance and comes in hues all across the color spectrum such as pink, blush, yellow, peach, and more.   

Tropical Greenery: A stunning array of natural Florida greenery is a great way to make your wedding stand out from others.  Perfect for warm-weather weddings, tropical greenery from Florida can bear the heat and add a splash of drama to your event.

Marco Island Florist is an award-winning flower shop and wedding specialist who constantly meets the needs of soon-to-be-married couples.  We only work with the highest quality of flowers in order to create the wedding of your dreams. 

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