A Guide to Perfecting a Grand Wedding Entrance

Your first introduction as newlyweds is one of the most highly anticipated moments of your wedding day. As your anxious guests wait patiently to hear your names called out so they can cheer and celebrate with you, you get the chance to plan the most memorable grand entrance into your wedding reception. From choosing the perfect music, showing off your best dance moves, and adding a special surprise or personal flair, the professionals here at Marco Island Weddings created a helpful guide so you can enter your wedding in style.

bride and groom surrounded by excited bridal party

Bridal Party Entrances

A beautiful part of having a bridal party composed of your best friends and family members is their abundance of supportive energy as you marry your sweetheart. Since your bridal party will also be making their own fun entrances into your wedding reception, they will be setting the tone for your grand entrance. Whether they choose their own music and moves to get to the dance floor or you make the selections, use their positive spirits to enhance your special introduction.

Wedding DJ setup

Music Choice

Selecting music to accompany your entrance is a large and important part of making it grand. Keep in mind that the music you choose for your wedding will help set the tone and mood of your big day. Do you want to walk in to a song that everyone knows and is ready to sing along to? Maybe an upbeat song that reminds you of the first night you two met would create another heartwarming memory.

Bride and groom dancing under confetti

To Choreograph or Not to Choreograph?

Do you and your partner make a good dance pair? If so, why not choreograph your entrance? With a showstopping routine, you can set the bar high for your guests who make their way to the dancefloor during the latter part of your wedding reception. This is your moment to shine, twirl, have fun, and maybe if you’re brave, try out that lift from “Dirty Dancing.”

Bride and groom holding hands up under confetti

Adding Personal Flair

Incorporating your personality into your grand entrance is where the real fun begins. This joyful and merry moment should be full of the things that make you a happy and unique couple. Get creative and try to think about how your favorite movies, hobbies, and places can play a role in your first introduction as newlyweds. Perhaps you ride in on a tricycle, your bridal party holds props or throws confetti, or you have fun with a charade.

Bride and groom with daughter

Including the Family

Including the whole family in your entrance as you are introduced as newlyweds, or perhaps a new family, for the first time will be an extra special moment. If you are blending families, adopting a new child into your heart, or celebrating with your own kids, including them by lifting them onto your shoulders or having them dance beside you will be a sweet, meaningful, and beautiful entrance everyone will remember forever. You can even enter with your fur babies! Dress up their collar or leash so they can “arrive in style,” too.

Although this may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of your wedding day, your first introduction as a married couple is one of the reasons why everyone has gathered to celebrate. So, take a break from some of the nitty-gritty or not-so-exciting logistics of planning your wedding to come up with a showstopping, funny, and creative entrance. Keep your eyes open for the perfect song, think about ways to incorporate parts of your relationship, and give your guests a surprise as you enter your wedding reception for the first time. If you need more ideas or further guidance as you plan your big day, your friends and experts here at Marco Island Weddings are always happy to offer a helping hand.