How to Choose Between a Head Table or a Sweetheart Table for Your Wedding Reception

A detail that is often left to the last minute, deciding where the couple of the hour is going to sit during the reception requires a bit of thought. The two options available are the traditional head table, where the bridal party and immediate family sit with the bride and groom, and the sweetheart table, where the couple sits by themselves at a romantic small table. There are pros and cons to each, so the wedding experts at Marco Island Florist examine both options to help you decide which is right for you.

Head table with pink and white flowers

Head Table Pros & Cons

Pro – It’s a great way to honor those closest to you

Since head tables can sit anywhere from 12 to 20 people, this option is great for large weddings with large bridal parties. The couple is seated in the center with the bridal party, parents, and grandparents placed on either side. Such an arrangement is a great way to honor those who are closest to you and make them feel extra special.

Pro – Enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by friends

A wedding can be taxing on your nerves with so much going on and being in the comfort of your best friends can help relax you and prepare you for the fun festivities ahead. 

Pro – The bride and groom appear more accessible 

Sitting amongst a large group at the head table makes guests feel you are more approachable and engaged in everyone there. 

Con – Guests at the head table have limited interactions

Guests sitting at the head table are limited to interacting with who they are placed next to, which may exclude loved ones who are not at the head table. 

Con – A head table can appear cluttered and chaotic

A lot of people sitting at the head table with their accompanying plates, glasses, water pitchers, etc., can make it look chaotic and messy, which takes the focus off the bride and groom.

Con – Could be awkward

If there are some members of the bridal parties who don’t get along, seating them at a head table next to each other could lead to a few awkward moments. 

Sweetheart table for two with white linen an white and green flowers

Sweetheart Table Pros & Cons

Pro – Meaningful alone time with your new spouse

Weddings can be taxing with so many people wanting a piece of your time that you have precious little to enjoy with your beloved. A sweetheart table is a great option for the newly married couple to take a breather and have a full view of everything happening during the wedding reception.  

Pro – Sweetheart tables can be romantically decorated

A smaller table just for two allows you the option to go all out with gorgeous floral decorations and bouquets to make it a wonderful focal point of the reception. 

Pro – Members of the bridal party can sit with their loved ones

The sweetheart table allows bridesmaids and groomsmen to sit next to their loved ones during dinner and mingle with others more freely. 

Con – The couple appears removed from the party

Some guests might find the sweetheart table offputting as the bride and groom are separated from everyone else, which makes them look a bit snobbish. 

Con – May look out of place

If not set up properly or put in the right place, the sweetheart table could throw off the balance and flow of the room.

Con – The wedding party and family may feel slighted

Close family members and the bridal party may feel excluded if there is no head table for them to sit at and feel honored. 


Hopefully, this has made your decision easier. Both options are perfectly acceptable. Taking into account the size of the wedding venue and the number of guests, as well as the personalities involved, should also help you decide. 

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