The Beautiful Blooms of Fall & Winter

When the weather starts to turn cold, the leaves drop from trees, and many plants and flowers go dormant, don’t think Mother Nature doesn’t still have a few surprises up her sleeve. You may be surprised to learn that there are quite a few late-fall and winter flowers that are vibrant, beautiful, and totally wedding and special event-worthy. If you’re going with a classic, boho, vintage, modern, or rustic chic theme, you’ll have no trouble finding a plethora of gorgeous seasonal blooms to decorate your event. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite fall and winter blooms. 

Fall & Winter Flowers You’ll Want for Your Wedding



Coming in rich hues and a soft, velvety texture, amaranthus provides elegance and whimsy to floral arrangements as they gracefully fall downwards. Known for its long-lasting quality after being cut, add amaranthus in a rich shade of crimson to your bouquet from drama and flair. 


Anemones resemble poppy flowers with large, delicate leaves surrounding a round black center. The effect is striking, which makes this bloom popular amongst brides, florists, and wedding planners. You can find anemones in brilliant shades of purple, blue, pink, red, and white. 

Calla Lilies

Classic and evoking timeless elegance, calla lilies are lovely, sturdy blooms that hold up well in indoor and outdoor events. Coming in a range of colors from pristine white to dark burgundy, finding a color to match your palette should not be hard. Symbolizing purity and faithfulness, calla lilies are popular in bridal bouquets. 


A cold-weather beauty, the camelia has layers of soft petals strikingly arranged around its center. Perfect for adding texture, fullness, and allure, adding a pink, white, or red camellia is sure to draw some attention. Symbolizing love, affection, and devotion, this is a bloom that is perfect for weddings.


One of the most popular flowers in the world, the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that chrysanthemums come in is genuinely striking. Choose a bright yellow spider mum for intrigue and texture, lavender pompom mums for fullness and volume, red single blooms for classic beauty, or magenta spoon blooms for roundness and uniquely shaped petals.  


Gorgeous, large, and with a high petal count, dahlias are beloved by nearly everyone. It’s hard to match their structural beauty and rich colors. Symbolizing everlasting love and commitment, it’s no wonder it’s a popular wedding flower. 

Garden Roses

Larger than the traditional rose, garden roses also have significantly more petals, soft and ruffled, and envious volume. An excellent substitute for the peony, the garden rose is commonly used in weddings and special events. Besides growing in a broad range of colors, these gorgeous blooms also have a sweet, lovely fragrance. 


Ranunculus flowers are hard to miss due to their tightly wound, paper-thin petals that make it hard to believe this flower is real. As they open, their numerous delicate petals draw you in and stun you with their beauty. From pristine white to creamy peaches and pinks and dark shades of red and burgundy, ranunculus flowers easily match any color palette. 

Other seasonal elements that enhance the above florals include dried seed pods, hypericum berries, Craspedia, willow branches, sea holly, or spiral eucalyptus leaves. Use any of these to add texture and intrigue to floral arrangements. Contact Marco Island Florist- Wedding & Special Events for all your wedding and special event floral needs.