Guide to Pre-Wedding Event Parties – What, When, & Who Hosts

As you lead up to the main event of your wedding, there are several smaller functions along the way that celebrate your impending nuptials and give you a break from wedding planning to have some fun. From the engagement party to the rehearsal dinner, the flower experts at Marco Island Florist – Weddings & Special Events list all major pre-wedding parties, from who should attend to who should host. 

young couple celebrating their engagement at a table with their parents

Engagement Party

Becoming engaged is one of the happiest times in your life and a great cause for celebration. An engagement party lets you share the good news with close friends and family members who want to join in the celebration. This event is often scheduled 2 weeks to 10 weeks after the engagement and hosted by either the bride’s or groom’s parents. Having the party in someone’s home is an intimate and informal way for all guests to express their happiness for you. For this reason, the guest list should be relatively small, and those who are invited here should also be invited to the wedding.   

Bridal Shower / Couples’ Shower

The bridal shower is held closer to the wedding date, typically three weeks to three months prior, and is an event that allows the bridesmaids and other close female friends or relatives to honor the bride. Bridal showers are usually hosted by the maid of honor or another wedding party member, but a parent can also take on the hosting duties. Games, gifts for the bride, and food are expected. There is also the option of having a “couples shower,” where the bride and groom are both celebrated with a more extensive and diverse guest list. 

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

Considered a “last hurrah” of singledom before getting married, the bachelor and bachelorette party allow the bride and groom to celebrate (separately) the conclusion of their single life with close friends and relatives, usually of the same sex. This fun event is a great way to bond with close friends and take a pause from the stress of planning the upcoming nuptials. No longer relegated to a night of drinking in a bar, bachelor and bachelorette parties are now customized to the personality of the bride or groom, consisting of spa days, attending live sporting or music events, or even traveling out of town. These events usually take place a month or two before the wedding and are hosted by members of the wedding party. Anyone invited to a bachelor or bachelorette party should also be invited to the wedding.  

Bridesmaid Luncheon

A bridesmaid luncheon is an event that allows the bride to show appreciation for her bridesmaids and all the work they do to ensure the big day goes off without a hitch. Typically held a day or two before the wedding, the luncheon is hosted by the bride in a nice restaurant with an intimate and relaxing atmosphere so everyone has a fun, stress-free time. Attendees are up to the bride but can include flower girls, mothers of the bride and groom, or any other close female relative or friend who is not in the wedding party. All guests should also be invited to the wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner usually takes place the evening before the wedding. The dinner is often held in a private room at a restaurant or a banquet room. Guests can be pretty much anyone, depending on budget, but, in particular, should include close family members, friends, and members of the wedding party. The groom’s family, or the couple themselves, typically hosts this event.  

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