Look-Alike Alternatives for Your Favorite Flowers

When you start thinking about your big day or an upcoming special event, you probably know which flowers want as a part of the decor. These are probably all of your favorites, of course, and some popular blooms, too. However, based on seasonality, cost, and possible flower shortages, the flowers you have in mind may not be available when you need them. Don’t despair, though, because there are plenty of “look-alike” flowers that make for excellent substitutions.

The important thing is to work closely with your florist. Their vast knowledge of flowers and experience will help make sure you end with the look you’ve always dreamed of. Here at Marco Island – Weddings & Special Events, we’re sharing with you the most popular wedding and event flowers and common substitute blooms that look so similar, you’ll be amazed they are different.

Spot-on Substitutes for Popular Blooms

Pink flowers peonies flowering on background pink peonies. Peonies garden.

Pink Peony

Peonies: The always-popular peony is a favorite among brides-to-be. And, who wouldn’t want this gorgeous, fluffy, romantic bloom in their weddings? Unfortunately, they are only available in the months of May and June.

Yves Piaget garden rose

Yves Piaget garden rose

Peony Substitutes: Look to Double Tulips or Garden Roses as peony substitutes. Double tulips have similar delicate petals that create a round, full look, and garden roses have an abundance of soft, fluffy petals resembling those of the peony. If you love dark pink peonies, then ask your florist about the Yves Piaget garden rose as it is a remarkable peony doppelganger!

The bright creamy yellow flower of the popular garden plant the Dahlia, growing outdoors in a garden setting.

Yellow Dahlia

Dahlias: A fantastic statement bloom, the dahlia is another flower that’s popular at weddings. Dahlias have numerous cylindrical petals giving them a striking design and a full, spherical shape. If you love dahlias but discover they are unavailable for your event or out of your price range,  you’ll be pleased to discover that there are terrific alternatives.

Yellow Zinnia Flower

Yellow Zinnia Flower

Dahlia Substitutes: Just as stunning and glorious as the dahlia are zinnias, football (or pom-pom) mums, and bahlia mums. Any of these varieties make great substitutions for the dahlia and are also much less expensive.

pink and white anemones in glass vase. Bunch pastel color. the concept of a florist in a flower shop. Wallpaper.

White Anemone Flowers

Anemones: A delightful flower that adds pizzazz and a pop of color to any arrangement, anemones are super on-trend these days. Popular in bridal bouquets, these cute flowers are only available from October to May.

Pink/White Poppy - Papaver Somniferum with a desaturated (black& white) background.

White Poppy Flower

Anemone Substitutes: Poppin with similar colors and appeal are poppies. Resembling anemones a great deal, poppies are the perfect sub. Another good sub is a daisy with a dark center, just like the anemone has.

Larkspur flowers, Delphinium elatum

Larkspur Flowers

Larkspur: A common “line flower,” Larkspurs are long-stemmed flowers that have multiple blossoms on each stem. They add diagonal lines and height to arrangements creating drama and excitement.

Snapdragon flowers in multi colours

Snapdragon Flowers

Larkspur Substitutes: Similar spear-like flowers that are equally colorful with dainty blooms are snapdragons, gladioli, and matthiolas. These pretty alternatives give the same look as larkspurs do.

pink rose Bush on a green background

Pink Spray Roses

Spray Roses: Typically used as filler flowers, spray roses are delicate, small roses that have 3 blooms to a stem. When grouped together in a bunch, they are lovely and sweet.

bouquet of pink lisianthus on a pink background, top view, eustoma

Pink Lisianthus Flowers

Spray Roses Substitutes: Good substitute flowers that are similar to spray roses include mini carnations, button mums, or lisianthus flowers. Any one of these lovely varieties will add beauty to your bouquet.


If you are set on having certain flowers in your upcoming event, be sure to communicate this to your florist as soon as possible. Due to seasonality, shortages, or exorbitant prices, you may have to use substitute florals. Florists are experts at creating the look you desire and know exactly how to get it. For all of your wedding or event floral needs, contact Marco Island – Weddings & Special Events and we’ll be happy to help.