Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Winter Weddings

We love wintertime weddings! The weather is cooler, the landscape is a beautiful mix of natural neutrals and stark foliage, and, most of all, the stunning winter flowers. For a wedding that is sure to stand out from the rest, have a winter ceremony and use the gorgeous seasonal foliage available. Here at Marco Island Florist – Wedding & Special Events, we are experts in providing gorgeous wedding flowers and helping your big day look amazing. Below, we list some of our favorite winter bridal bouquet ideas and the flowers that bloom during this time of year. Once you see them, you may even change your date to a winter one! 

Winter bridal bouquet with white booms pincones and blue berries

 5 Gorgeous Winter Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Using seasonal flowers in your wedding or special event is always the best way to ensure your floral decor is fresh, vibrant, and matches the seasonal vibe. Plus, local and seasonal flowers are always the most eco-friendly option. For winter wedding inspiration, browse the below stunning cool-weather bouquets. 


Green & White – Imitating the backdrop of snow and winter greens, bridal bouquets in white and green have an ethereal, nature-loving, and season-appropriate elegance. The above combination of green berries, eucalyptus, and white fluffy blooms is a graceful and lovely homage to the season.


Dusty Hues – A bouquet with muted, dusty hues other soft colors punctured by bits of dark, gorgeous blooms is a perfect winter weather combination. The above stunning bouquet has large roses in light shades of dusty rose, cream, and lavender with waxflowers and dark violet tulips accentuated by dark greenery for a dreamy and enchanting look.


Peachy Naturals – Romantic ranunculus blooms in shades of soft peaches and cream colors with light pinks and lavender flowers thrown in bring warmth, elegance, and romance in abundance.

Winter bouquet with burgundy roses calla lilies and pink and purple flowers with greenery

Wine & Plummy – For a dramatic look and a stark contrast against the whites and neutrals of a winter backdrop, choose flowers in dark, jewel-toned colors such as wine, burgundy, purple, and plum. The above striking bouquet brings together gorgeous seasonal blooms of magenta-colored protea, decorative kale in purple and green, burgundy Calla lilies, and soft-hued eucalyptus to pull it all together. The effect is one of magical beauty.


Dark and Dramatic – Moody yet enchanting, the above bouquet is filled with dark, dramatic blooms in shades of burgundy and dark purple, with accents in white, light pink, and green. The overflowing and wild look of this bouquet resembles unbridled passion just barely contained.

The above winter bouquets are great inspirations for imagining your own wedding bouquet. Below are common winter-blooming flowers for even more inspiration!

Popular Winter Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

Amaryllis Flower red

AmaryllisThis large, winter flower comes in colors such as red, pink, and orange as well as bicolored red and white. 

bouquet of white and lavender anemones

AnemoneA stunning bloom with a dramatic dark disc at its center, anemones always make a statement.   

Bridal bouquet of burgundy calla lilies

Calla Lily – Elegant and bold, a bouquet of burgundy calla lilies is dramatic yet sophisticated.   

Up close shot of white camellia flower

Camellia – A big, beautiful flower with an abundance of petals, the camellia bloom is always a good choice for winter wedding decor.  

Gardenia flowers and leaves on black background

Gardenias – Gardenias are perfect for adding white touches to a bouquet while also coming with a divine scent. 

upclose view of pink ranunculus

Ranunculus – Ranunculus flowers add instant romance and glamour and come in shades of white, cream, peach, pink, red, and purple. 

up close view of white an dpink sweet peas

Sweet Pea – A sweet flower with sweet blooms and a sweet scent that enhances any bouquet.

bouquet of white tulips surrounded by green leaves

Tulips – Classic and full of romance, tulips are a great choice for winter wedding bouquets and come in a large variety of colors.  

Winter flowers are some of the most enchanting and gorgeous flowers that bloom during the year, and they will make your winter wedding truly exceptional. When you’re are ready to start choosing your wedding flowers, the experts at Marco Island Florist – Wedding & Special Events, are here to help make your big day perfect!