Modern Corsages & Bouts: Pin It

Though your wedding may include many trendy new looks and styles, one particular time-honored tradition worth keeping in place is the act of presenting corsages and boutonnieres to the special guests at your wedding. These wearable flowers connect the individual to the bride and groom in a significant way, allowing other guests to recognize their role in the wedding. However, the look of corsages and bouts are changing to be more stylish, artistic and unique- just like your wedding! The floral artisans at Marco Island Weddings will be happy to work with you to design a creative piece that guests will love to wear.


Let mothers, grandmothers, sisters and other special guests (musicians, readers, guest book attendant) adorn themselves with a beautiful work of art similar to the bride’s bouquet. Whether pinned on her lapel or worn on the wrist, the symbolic connection to the bride will be evident and give her special recognition.


Don’t just add a bit of color and texture to the men’s suits or tuxedos- give them a piece that connects them to the groom with a bout much like his own. This is a great way to let the bride and groom’s personality shine, as well!

Not only will the inclusion of corsages and boutonnieres add color, texture and personality to your wedding day, it is a way to honor special people in your life on such an important occasion. The floral experts at Marco Island Weddings know the importance of keeping a few wedding traditions in place, and this is one that will remind your friends and family members how special they are to you.