Savvy Tips For Styling a Beachy New England-Style Wedding Wherever You Are

Getting married on Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, or another quaint northern beach town is #goals, for sure. But you can replicate this vibe no matter where you are by incorporating the elements that bring in that preppy, beachy, coastal grandmother energy. No matter where you are, the trick to achieving this aesthetic lies in the details – selecting the right florals, decor, and accents that resonate with the quintessential charm of the northern coast. At Marco Island Weddings, the premier florist in Marco Island, Florida, we have the essentials that will sweep you up to New England for the wedding of a lifetime.

Chose a Venue With a Waterfront Setting

First, the essence of a Martha’s Vineyard-style beach wedding lies in its waterfront setting; it’s all about creating a sense of serene sophistication. Look for venues near you that offer a clear view of the water, whether it’s a lake, river, or even a pool, to mimic the vast Atlantic. A waterfront gazebo, a deck overlooking the waves, or a sandy beach area can all bring that coastal charm. The key is to let the natural beauty shine, adding subtle touches to complement rather than compete with the view.

Bride and groom embracing near water

Trade in Traditional Tropical Blooms for Blue and White Floral Arrangements

While tropical flowers are stunning, the New England beachy aesthetic calls for something a bit more refined and classic. Incorporate flowers in shades of blue and white to mirror the ocean’s palette; they can create a lush yet polished look, mirroring the understated beauty of a coastal landscape. Hydrangeas, with their lush, rounded blooms, are quintessentially New England and work beautifully in bouquets and centerpieces. Pair them with white roses, calla lilies, and delphiniums for arrangements that breathe coastal elegance.

Bride and bridesmaids holding blue and white bouquets

Coordinate Bouquets and Boutonnières with Coastal Wedding Attire

The attire at a coastal wedding is all about that preppy, polished look with a slightly casual twist. For brides, a crisp, white dress — whether it’s a flowing gown or a sleek slip dress — complements the coastal vibe perfectly. Grooms look dapper in light-colored suits or even crisp navy blazers paired with pants. Coordinate the floral elements by choosing bouquets and boutonnières that echo these fashion choices, such as blue, white, or even trendy peach blooms for a touch of the ocean in your floral designs.

White boutonniere pinned to blue suit jacket

Revamp Classics Flowers By Pairing Them With Unique Blooms

While staying true to the classic Martha’s Vineyard color palette, don’t be afraid to add a twist by incorporating unique blooms into your arrangements. This could mean mixing traditional roses or hydrangeas with more unusual flowers like white anemones or adding greenery and succulents with a wild, natural look. These unexpected elements can add depth and interest to your floral decor, making your wedding stand out and creating a beautiful fusion that’s both refreshing and familiar.

Wedding arch adorned with white, blue, and peach blooms

Gift Guests Nautical-Theme Wedding Favors

Finally, give your guests a piece of the Atlantic coast to take home with nautical-themed wedding favors; subtle nautical elements can give a nod to the maritime spirit of northern beach towns, rounding out the vibe. Consider items like cookies, soaps, gourmet treats, or personalized bottle openers with a coastal grandmother vibe. These thoughtful gifts not only thank your guests for being part of your special day but also remind them of the beautiful, timeless setting in which you celebrated your love.

Nautical themed wedding favors

Creating a classic, preppy beach wedding, no matter where you are, is all about embracing the coastal charm through your choices in the venue, floral arrangements, attire, and even favors. With these tips from Marco Island Weddings, we’re confident you can bring a touch of the North Atlantic’s elegance and serenity to your celebration.

Coastal charm