Guide to Modern Wedding Etiquette Rules for Guests

Being invited to a wedding is an honor and a privilege, which many people forget. It costs time and money to bring an important event like a wedding together, so to be invited to participate should be handled respectfully. Show your thanks to the bride and groom by being a courteous and gracious wedding guest and following wedding guest etiquette rules. If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed the rules, or been to a wedding, then brush up on your etiquette skills by reading the below guidelines. Here at Marco Island Florist – Weddings & Events, we want to help all guests and hosts pull off a perfect wedding experience!

wedding invitation with RSVP

RSVP as soon as you get the invite

Don’t just open the invite and then forget about it! Many are due back within a few days after being sent. The sooner your RSVP is received, the better, as many important decisions about food and rentals have to do with the final headcount. If you delay, you may not get a meal.  Also, follow the invitation by reserving only for the number of guests allowed. If you see “and guest” included on the invite, then you can bring someone. If not, you can’t.

Arrive early to the ceremony

Don’t be late, you risk interrupting the bride walking down the aisle, which is a definite no-no.  Give yourself plenty of time to park, mingle, find your seat, and prepare for the ceremony to start. Don’t show up too early, though. No more than 30 prior to the start time. If being late is unavoidable, don’t risk making an awkward and disruptive entrance. Instead, wait outside until the entire bridal party has finished walking down the aisle, then quietly sneak in someone in the back to enjoy the rest of the ceremony.

Don’t take pictures or videos on your phone

Professional photographers and videographers are hired to get the best shots. Don’t make their job hard by always having your phone out. Leave all picture taking to the pros. Also, turn off your phone’s ringer to prevent unwanted interruptions. Keep your phone in your purse or pocket and only check it occasionally for any emergency messages.

Do not post any wedding pictures 

Only the bride should post photos of her wedding. After all, it’s her event. She’s carefully selected everything down to the last detail and deserves to show the outside only those pictures she has approved. Leave the social media domain to the bride and groom unless you have their consent.

People Cling Wine Glasses on Wedding Reception at table

 Don’t ignore your seat placement

A lot of thoughtful planning and time is put into a seating chart by the bride and groom. It’s not your decision to change it on a whim. Stick to your assigned seat and when you approach your table, kindly introduce yourself and make conversation with the other table guests.

Don’t trap the bride & groom  

If you have a lot you want to catch up on with the bride or groom, save it for later. During the reception, the couple has an obligation to chat with all guests. Don’t take up too much of their time by being a chatty Cathy. Briskly give your thanks for the invite, tell them they look terrific, and you wish them a great time. Plan for catching up once the wedding is over.

Act responsibly

Don’t embarrass yourself or the wedding couple by drinking too much, being dramatic, or any other bad behavior. This is not the time to complain, show off, or in any way call attention to yourself. The only one who should be getting all of the attention is the bride.

Wedding Guest Book

Do sign the guest book

Signing the Guestbook is a loving tradition that provides the bride and groom a physical memento of all the guests at their wedding. It’s likely to become a sentimental item for the couple which they will enjoy long after their wedding.

Follow the above etiquette rules to be an exceptional and gracious wedding guest everyone appreciates. Remember, for all your floral needs, from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, or special events, Marco Island Florist is here to provide gorgeous, fresh, and long-lasting flowers for any occasions.