Our Favorite Wedding Trends from 2021

The arrival of COVID forced many couples to not only postpone their weddings but also rethink the idea of what a wedding really means to them. Rather than large, “this is what’s always been done” type of events, smaller guest lists, unique venues, and a more personalized intimate wedding experience have come out on top as to what’s important to couples getting married today. We love these newer, unique weddings and hope they’ll be around for a while along with the below trends that were popular in 2021 and still going strong for 2022 and beyond.

Outdoor Weddings

Safety issues were the main cause for many weddings to be moved outside, but the breathtaking landscape views, fresh air, and the awesomeness of being in nature are why this trend will definitely stick around. Beautiful and intimate pictures of outdoor weddings are all over Pinterest as couples heartily embrace the loveliness and ambiance of the romantic outdoors.

Beautiful served wedding table with decor as candles, flower arrangements and bird nests in the greenhouse. Banquet dinner party

Unique Wedding Venues

Finding unique wedding venues to make the wedding more memorable and interesting is a popular trend we’re loving right now. From castles, cliffs, or romantic rooftops with a breathtaking view to botanical gardens, museums, forests, and charming rustic buildings, it seems no venue is off-limits for today’s creative couples.

The bride and groom kissing. Newlyweds with a wedding bouquet, holding glasses of champagne standing on wedding ceremony under the arch decorated with flowers and greenery of the outdoor.

Weekday Wedding Celebrations

Weekday weddings saw a huge increase in 2021 and will continue in 2022. Couples are realizing there are plenty of benefits to having midweek nuptials such as lower prices, better chances of vendor accessibility, and multi-day wedding experiences. Drawing out the wedding event over several days is becoming a hot trend as a weekday wedding leaves open the weekend to enjoy time and experiences together amongst family and friends.

Wedding ceremony in the apple orchard in spring

Micro Weddings

More and more couples are opting to go small with a guest list of around 50 people. Initially a result of creating a “safe” event by inviting just a small group of people, couples quickly realized a smaller guest list allowed for more of their budget to be spent on more flowers, a unique venue, quality food, top-notch vendors, and an incredible dress. Small weddings also create a more intimate, charming, and emotional event as the bride and groom are surrounded by those people whom they care about the most.

The enamored groom gently kisses his bride's bride on the forehead. Wedding ceremony in nature. The lights of the electric garland illuminate the wedding party.

Fairy Lights & Floral Garlands

An increase in outdoor weddings means canvas tents decorated with charming accents such as beautiful fairy lights and floral garlands to create a romantic and luxurious ambiance. Straight from your wedding dream board, you can create a magical environment with draped ribbons, a ceiling glittering with fairy lights and bountiful greenery with pops of color.

Table decoration for a special occasion - white plates and green plants. Eco/nature friendly decotarion.

Sustainable Weddings

Couples today are more eco-conscious and drawn to ceremonies that are environmentally friendly. Opting for locally sourced flowers, eco-friendly fabrics, vintage items rather than brand new, digital invites, and repurposing plants and flowers from the event, couples are enhancing the charm and beauty of their wedding. This is one trend we hope continues long into the future.

There are many trends that made their way into 2021 weddings across the U.S., such as customized cocktails, bridal gowns with touches of color, comfortable and cozy seating areas, no more garter tosses, and inspired food selections, but the above trends are a few of the favorites we hope will continue throughout 2022 and beyond.

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