Dopamine Decorating: Going All Out For Your Wedding

Bright colors that make you feel warm inside. Patterns and textures that summon childhood nostalgia. Meaningful objects that make you feel joy. Flowers that are scientifically proven to boost our mood. These are just some of the critical components of dopamine decorating, a decor trend that spun out of dopamine dressing in the fashion world and into the wedding space. Naturally connected to biophilic design, this aesthetic is ripe for incorporating big, bold flower arrangements that summon the happiest neurotransmitter. Let the experts at Marco Island Weddings, the best florist in Marco Island, Florida, help you go all out for your wedding while being selective, sustainable, and sophisticated.

Flowers hanging from ceiling

Turn Your Venue into a Flower-Filled Garden

Take advantage of the dopamine that being surrounded by lush flowers produces in our brains. Hang cascading floral installations from the ceiling for a dramatic and super luxe effect. These can be placed above the dance floor, dining area, or ceremony space. Complement these elements with flower-filled tablescapes, large floor arrangements, and floral accents where fitting. Use large, colorful blooms like gerbera daisies, peonies, and ranunculus to make the biggest statement.

Bride and groom wearing orange with flowers

Let Dopamine Dressing Inspire Your Fashion Choices

While wedding attire is entrenched in centuries of tradition, don’t be afraid to break the rules at your nuptials. The officiant, couple, and wedding party can wear bright-colored clothing that inspires happiness. If you prefer to exercise restraint, limit bold hues to accent flower pieces and accessories, like corsages, boutonnieres, and flower crowns, that complement the more muted shades that comprise the majority of an outfit.  

Mean wearing colorful boutonniere

Add Floral Accessories to Wedding Outfits

Flowers have the power to make us smile, so incorporate them into your wedding attire; consider floral leis and lapel pieces for the groom and groomsmen, colorful flower crowns for the bridesmaids, and elegant floral hair pieces for the bridal outfit. Protea, anthuriums, dahlias, and orchids are all excellent choices for wearable flowers in various dopamine-inducing shades.

Flowers on set wedding table

Bring Treasured Vases for the Florist to Fill 

Vases are perfect for floral dopamine decor as they can be objects that are special to you and bring you happiness — a core tenet of the aesthetic. They also provide a sustainable option, as they can be rented and reused for future events or returned to you for home decor. A collection of vases can be used for eclectic centerpieces, ceremony floral accents, and floor arrangements, adding a nuanced and personal touch to the overall decor.

Cake decorated with flowers

Cover the Cake in Your Favorite Childhood Blooms

Bring your favorite fresh flowers from childhood into your wedding cake design, connecting these natural elements to the joy that eating cake brought many of us as children. Large, vibrant blooms can cascade down the tiers for a dopamine-inducing effect. Roses are especially impactful on cakes, as their full, round blossoms are widely recognized and beloved.

Crowd throwing confetti at newlyweds

Use Colorful Flower Blossoms and Petals as Confetti 

Replace traditional rice or paper confetti with colorful blooms and petals for a joyful exit from the ceremony. This adds a natural twist to the joy of celebrating the big sendoff of the newlyweds to their happily ever after. It also will create a colorful tableau that will look kinetic and cheerful in photographs.

Make your wedding the dopamine-inducing event of your dreams with the help of Marco Island Weddings

Flowers for a dopamine rush wedding