Decor and Design Tips for Your Winter Holiday Open House

Organizing an open house, whether for an annual sale, a holiday tour, or a special weekend gathering, is incomplete without fresh seasonal flowers. Just as you would decorate with floral arrangements at a wedding or other significant event, adorning your business or store with winter blossoms and natural elements should be a top priority. These flowers provide color and festive warmth and enchant and entice, encouraging people to drop by, admire, and perhaps do a bit of shopping. At Marco Island Weddings in Marco Island, Florida, we’re delighted to share some innovative floral design ideas to enhance your upcoming winter open house.

Entry of open house with greenery

Make Your Signage Pop for People on the Street

To boost foot traffic, it’s essential to make your signage stand out. Whether it’s your storefront sign, the “open” sign, or a board announcing your open house event, there are plenty of ways to spruce them up with winter touches. Holly berries, plush garlands, or other festive greenery can border the signs, instantly catching the eye and enticing passersby to take a closer look.

Greenery and lights on storefront

Enhance Curb Appeal to Invite Guests In

Beautiful outdoor flower displays can also draw in pedestrians and those window shopping. Create floral arrangements that are truly striking, ensuring that they grab people’s attention and foster intrigue. Consider using vibrant poinsettias or seasonal planters by your entrance to spruce up the doorway, or go for large flower installations paired with twinkling lights to catch the eye of anyone passing by.

Holiday accents with bulbs and greenery

Deck the Halls with Accents That Bloom

As your guests step inside your open house, create a cozy atmosphere that invites them to linger for a while. Let your holiday decorations take inspiration from the season of cheer and joy, using elements like pine-scented garlands, ornaments, bells, and ribbons to complement the fresh winter blooms. And, of course, don’t forget to play the soothing sounds of seasonal music to set the mood.

woman shopping in store decorated for Christmas

Highlight In-Store Items and Spruce Up the Showroom

Flowers not only add beauty but also serve as guides for your guests and customers within your store. Use your creativity to create arrangements that draw attention to new products, seasonal sales, or featured items in-store. Choose vibrant flowers and bouquets that harmonize with the existing color palette in your business. You can combine deep jewel tones with bright winter whites or opt for classic poinsettias to complement cozy gift selections.

Red, white, and green holiday decor on mantel

Bring Joy to the Overall Guest Experience

Along with the charm of vibrant flowers, using them as open house decorations infuses your business with holiday happiness and seasonal delight. Fresh flowers and plants are well-known mood boosters that bring joy to people. When guests enjoy a relaxed and pleasant time at your event, whether admiring the blossoms or soaking in the holiday warmth, they’ll connect your business with these uplifting emotions. Creating positive experiences is a reliable way to transform open house guests into loyal customers.

Partner with the seasoned event specialists at Marco Island Weddings to guarantee your winter open house is a blooming triumph.

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