Winter Formals & New Year’s Eve Events: A Guide to Flowers & Fashion

Embrace the elegance of winter’s most splendid events with grace and style! Winter formals, often held in December or January, demand a touch of sophisticated charm, beautifully enhanced by seasonal blossoms. Some of the most extravagant New Year’s Eve soirees, set in luxurious ballrooms and plush venues, also fall under the category of winter formals, providing the ideal backdrop for showcasing a striking corsage or boutonniere. From sparkling December galas to luxe New Year’s Eve extravaganzas, the experts at Marco Island Weddings are here to help you discover the perfect floral companions for your formal attire, ensuring you become the party’s most talked-about guest.

Man's suit with boutonniere

Winter Formal Attire for Men

For men going to a winter formal or a fancy New Year’s Eve party, a classic suit paired with dress shoes is the traditional choice. However, don’t hesitate to go for standout dress pants or a fun button-down to let your unique personality shine. Whether it’s ties and bowties or a fashionable sweater or jacket, there are plenty of options to consider if a black suit isn’t your style. And don’t forget, a boutonniere is an ideal finishing touch for your winter formal look. These small floral accessories are usually pinned to your lapel, but if you plan to layer up for the cold, it’s better to attach your boutonniere at the event to keep the flowers looking fresh.

Woman in formal attire with white and green corsage

Winter Formal Attire for Ladies

If you’re a fan of dressing up in elegant gowns and cocktail dresses, you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting your winter formal gatherings and New Year’s Eve parties. Even though it’s chilly outside, you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. Whether you choose classic pumps or stylish high-heeled boots, don’t forget to add sophisticated long coats, shawls, or capes to your ensemble. And for those short dresses, consider pairing them with cozy and fashionable tights. To add the perfect last touch, opt for a fresh winter corsage as your accessory. Just like for the guys, if you’re wearing an overcoat that has snug sleeves, it’s best to wait until you’re inside the event to put your corsage on.

Woman in green dress with white corsage

Matching Flowers to Your Formal Outfit

Elevating your winter formal or New Year’s look with the right flowers is all about crafting a signature style that suits the occasion. When choosing the perfect blooms to match your attire, consider a few key factors. First, make sure the flowers are in season to guarantee fashionable freshness. Next, consider how they’ll harmonize with your outfit, whether they blend seamlessly or add a pop of complementary color. Lastly, add subtle hints of matching shades to your corsage or boutonniere for a stunning color palette.

White rose boutonniere with baby's breath on navy lapel

Dark & Moody

When dressing for a winter formal, stick to timeless classics like black, navy, or rich jewel tones such as emerald or ruby. To add sleek elegance, pair your black, navy blue, or burgundy jacket with a cream calla lily boutonniere. To enhance the look, consider including details like wax flower, gypsophila (commonly known as baby’s breath), or hypericum berries. These little additions provide texture and make your boutonniere or corsage stand out.

Man putting corsage on woman's wrist

Bright & Cheerful

At Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, vibrant reds and shimmering, sparkling attire take the spotlight. To keep your outfit classy and harmonious with the festivities, consider choosing neutral-colored flowers that complement without overwhelming. These blooms can add seasonal charm without overshadowing your attire. Classic white flowers, such as anemones, orchids, and roses, possess an innate dreamy winter elegance.

Man wearing green boutonniere on green suspenders

Winter Whites & Neutrals

When your backdrop is a canvas of neutral shades like white or beige, it’s the perfect opportunity to let your flowers take center stage. You have a wide range of color choices, but for that authentic winter feel, aim for opulence. Imagine lavish winter foliage with charming pinecone accents. If you want to add a burst of festive color, consider deep, luxurious hues like burgundy ranunculus or bold blue thistle.

For centerpieces, wearable flowers, and a beautiful bouquet for your date, reach out to Marco Island Weddings to make your upcoming winter formal unforgettable.